Cassie Randolph Ready To Move Past Colton Underwood's 'Version of Things' In His Book

Victoria Miller

Cassie Randolph has no interest in talking about her ex-boyfriend Colton Underwood or the new chapter he wrote about their breakup for his book The First Time: Finding Myself and Looking for Love on Reality TV,

An insider told Us Weekly that the 25-year-old grad student is focusing on her new house and future career and won't be dealing with The Bachelor star's tell-all.

"Cassie just wants to move forward in life with stuff she has going on like settling into her new place. She definitely doesn't want to bring up her past again," the insider told Us.

"It's exhausting for her to deal with his 'version' of things, so she's chosen to not make any remarks or give into it anymore."

Last week, Us Weekly posted an excerpt of Colton's bonus chapter, which will appear in newly published paperback versions of his March 2020 memoir.

In the book, the former NFL player placed the blame on Cassie for initiating the split and admitted he was blindsided when she told him she was "struggling with everything" in their relationship shortly after she and her family took care of him during his COVID-19 battle.

Colton revealed that he asked Cassie if they could try to work things out, but she ultimately suggested she stop working with him on a project they were doing together because she still had so much uncertainty about the relationship.

The two were clearly not on the same page regarding their breakup, and things got so bad between them following their May 2020 split that Cassie eventually filed a restraining order against ABC's former leading man, with accusations that he stalked her and sent her disturbing texts. She later dropped the restraining order.

Cassie later accused Colton of trying to "monetize" their breakup according to Just Jared.

In a post to her Instagram story, she called her ex out for refusing to let her have "any sort of approval" on the chapter that he threatened to write and asked him to stop publicly talking about her.