January 23, 2021
Jade Grobler Flashes Pert Booty In Scanty Double-Strap Thong On 'Wandering' Adventure

Jade Grobler inspired wanderlust among her 1.1 million Instagram followers when she updated her feed with a racy new pic. The 23-year-old treated her fans by wearing a risque two-piece swimsuit that left very little to the imagination. They responded by flocking to view the offering and engage with her on the platform.

The South African-born model took to the outdoors in the nearly full-length photograph, which showed her standing against a rock wall comprised chiefly of sandstone. Moss and lichen added texture and depth to the formidable appearance of the rocks.

The wall seemed to be on the beach, as smooth pebbles and golden sand covered the ground at Jade's feet.

As for the blonde bombshell, she appeared to be going for a walk along the rocky shore. She posed in profile and looked over her shoulder for the shot. Jade played with her hair as she thrust out her pert booty. The almost candid nature of the shot added to the allure of her youthful beauty.

Jade rocked a black-and-white striped bikini. The classic triangular cups did little to hide her perky bust or the sliver of sideboob that peeked out from the side.

On her lower half, Jade wore a thong with a difference. The ebony bottoms complemented her bronzed skin and sat high on her long limbs. The thong had two straps that clung to her jaw-dropping figure. One of the straps highlighted the curve of her hips, while the other hugged her lower midsection. The higher strap put her toned abs and minuscule waist on display.

Jade styled her platinum locks in a side part. Her luscious mane tumbled down her shoulders and back in casual disarray.

The influencer shared the photo in the final hours of Friday evening. Jade received an immediate response from her ardent fans who showed their appreciation by hitting the like button. The pic has already racked up over 17,000 likes and 200 comments since she posted it.

One fan was captivated by her booty.

"[smiley face emoji] You have a very nice bottom," they complimented her.

Another declared their love for her.

"Oh, baby. Let me count the ways I'd love to kiss your lips, tummy, and that backside. Gosh, I love you so much," they gushed.

One admirer thought that she was looking good.

"Smile, beautiful! Looking great and be well and safe!" they wrote.

A fourth Instagram user encouraged Jade to take a detour.

"Wander this way," they urged and added a flame emoji.

Jade has been posting a slew of hot posts lately. In a recent offering, she wore a tiny bikini and flaunted some underboob. Hilariously, a friend photobombed the pic.