Jessica Killings Poses On The Hood Of A Maserati In Sweatpants & Scanty Crop Top

Fitness model and social media influencer Jessica "Charm" Killings continues to serve up healthy helpings of eye candy for her nearly 2 million followers on Instagram. On Friday, the 31-year-old -- who has graced the pages of publications like Low Rider and XXL -- did so with the aid of an Italian luxury vehicle.

In her latest offering, Killings ignited her timeline with a two-pic slideshow where she was perched atop the hood of a Maserati sports car. And while the car was beautiful in and of itself, she still managed to own the frame by flaunting her sculpted assets in a pair of white sweatpants and a scanty zip-up crop top that allowed for a clear view of her killer cleavage.

Killings captioned the eye-popping post by revealing that she had been living in outfits from Bo+Tee, the boutique she tagged as the maker of her outfit. She also polled her followers for their opinion on which of the two snaps was best.

While many were quick to offer their opinions, others made a point to praise her incredible sex appeal throughout the spread in the comments section.

"This whole fit is a vibe," fellow model and one-time Queen of the Universe Pageant winner Ivette Saucedo wrote.

"You look absolutely beautiful," a second supporter opined, emphasizing the thought with multiple emoji.

"Why not both?" a third follower wondered. "So beautiful and amazing."

"Jess you look amazing in both hon," a fourth admirer concurred.

Fans further voiced their approval for the sexy share by double-tapping it to the tune of 5,000-plus likes in under an hour.

In the first slide, Killings was shown in a medium shot as she sat on the front end of the Maserati with her legs spread slightly and one arm resting between them while the other braced the weight of her upper body. In the meantime, she leaned her head to her right, which caused her medium-length curls to drape over her shoulder while she sported a suggestive expression.

Although the Inland Empire product's top was fully zipped, its plunging neckline put her cleavage on full display. Moreover, the garment's high hemline allowed for a provocative display of her taut abs and bare navel.

The second snap was a medium-wide shot that nearly showed Killings' body in its entirety as she struck a similar pose. While she was now wearing a puffy, dual-layer coat that matched the hue of her clothes, it was left open in front, leaving her perky bustline out in the open.

Earlier this month, Killings rocked Instagram by showing off her washboard abs and incredible curves in another sultry snap.