January 23, 2021
Carmen Electra, 48, Showcases Impossibly Long Legs In The Shortest Dress Imaginable: 'Walking In With Glam'

Carmen Electra looked spectacular in her most recent Instagram update on Friday evening, enthralling her 1.2 million followers. The former Baywatch beauty appeared ageless in the snap, seemingly only slightly older than when she made her debut on the wildly popular television series almost 25 years ago.

Carmen explained in the caption that she was dressed up for a virtual meeting, and she credited a team of designers and stylists for helping to create her stunning look.

She wore a tiny dress in pale yellow that popped against her bronzed skin. The shift featured a distinctly retro sixties feel with a few modern touches. It buttoned up the center and left a portion of her decolletage exposed between the narrow lapels of a delicate collar.

Long sleeves were tapered around the wrists and then flared out at the ends, partially covering her hands. The garment's tailored fit emphasized Carmen's slender waist, and the rippling hem of her A-line miniskirt echoed the shape of the sleeves. Nude-colored high heels and the upward angle of the camera accentuated the length of her bare legs.

Carmen wore her tresses slicked into a tight pony at the crown of her head, which was then plaited into a thick braid that she let fall across one side of her face. The long tail seemed to have been helped along with an extension, as the end nearly grazed the bottom of her skirt.

Carmen's Instagram followers loved the share and couldn't get enough of her. They eagerly took to the comments section to express their infatuation for her youthful appearance and stellar sense of style. Lots of people mentioned how much they adored her hair.

"All we need is a little music, a spin & sling that hair like a whip," one fan suggested, using beaming-smile and rocking-out hand emoji to emphasize their vision.

"ha I made some videos doing that, will post soon," Carmen replied, throwing an applause symbol into the mix.

"You always have been and always will be a glamorous, gorgeous lady Carmen!!" a second supporter exclaimed.

Last month, The Inquisitr covered Carmen's throwback share in which she and an almost-unrecognizably boyish Jason Momoa posed together on the set of Baywatch during their brief stint as co-stars.

Most fans were shocked to discover that the Aquaman heartthrob had played a lifeguard in one of his first roles. They were equally delighted by the comical image, which featured Jason standing between Carmen and an unidentified blonde. All three wore floral bikini tops in bright, tropical colors and had their hair styled in pigtail braids.