Brumachen Update: See How The Portable Coffee Brewing Company Has Done After 'Shark Tank'

Brumachen has already earned some national attention for its portable coffee and tea brewing cup, and now Shark Tank fans will get to see if the outfit scores a big investment to grow even more.

The company is featured on the January 22 episode of the ABC reality series, with founders Kweku Larbi and Ross Smith seeking an infusion of cash that can help them expand even further. As The Cinemaholic reported, the outfit aims to offer a sustainable option for java fans who are on the go.

"Brumachen claims to be the world's first portable coffee and tea brewer," the report noted. "Apart from being quite handy, travel-friendly, and easy to operate, the Brumachen Brewer is also eco-conscious and sustainable. Instead of plastic coffee pods that take up to 400 years to degrade, the Brumachen Brewer uses biodegradable pods made out of sugarcane that degrade in only 180 days. Brumachen also claims to be the makers of the world's first eco-friendly, biodegradable coffee pods."

According to the outlet, Kweku came up with the idea for the business after moving to the United States from Ghana and earning a degree in civil engineering from Cleveland State University. After graduation, he found work in the construction industry and found that it was sometimes hard to get a cup of java when working at sites. That led to the idea for a single-use brewing cup.

Even before appearing on Shark Tank, Brumachen has won over customers online. The company launched a Kickstarter campaign last year that raised more than $40,000, though the growth came a bit too fast as the outfit found it was unable to fill some orders.

"Due to unexpected costs of shipping for such small quantities, we have been out of funds and apologize for the inconvenience," they wrote in an update to the Kickstarter campaign. "We are in the process of raising funds but at this point, are still only able to ship nationally."

The company has a growing following online, with an Instagram page that has a following of more than 2,600 at the time the episode aired. Brumachen has used its social media presence to promote its products and its commitment to sustainability. Brumachen has billed itself as a more environmentally friendly way to brew a serving of coffee, drawing contrast from other single-serving makers that end up being wasteful.

It was not clear ahead of the Shark Tank episode whether Brumachen scored an investment.