Qimmah Russo Showcases Her Fit Physique In Plunging Extra-Short Mini Dress

Qimmah Russo delighted her 1.7 million Instagram followers with a sultry, sunny photo in which she displayed her amazing figure in a brightly-colored ensemble that left little to the imagination. The fitness powerhouse also asked fans in the caption to describe how they feel when they're in love.

The post piqued the interest of Qimmah's fans, over 10,000 of whom double-tapped their screens to show their appreciation in the first few hours after it was uploaded. By that time, nearly 200 people had also taken to the comments section to answer her inquiry, or merely to express their adoration for her stunning look.

"Ever eaten an in n out burger?" one fan teased, who appreciated the importance of a delicious meal.

Most others answered her question with slightly more romantic sentiment.

"When you can unlock your phone and hand it to the other person. Anything less, you're just visiting," a second supporter ventured.

"You can't define it, in my opinion, you just have to feel it. But it happens after that initial burst of infatuation lifts and you realize that you still want to spend so much time together with that other person," a third supporter mused.

"Looking at your photos," a fourth follower declared.

That admirer was not the only one to add Qimmah into the equation when talking about their feelings of infatuation.

Qimmah's tie-dye dress featured a white background with a vibrant array of rainbow hues in huge, circular patterns across the fabric. The lower half was a minuscule ruched miniskirt with a bias-cut waistline sewn into a long-sleeved, collared shirt. Instead of a row of buttons lining the front, the garment had a plunging neckline that stretched wide across her bust and remained open halfway down her midriff.

She wore a bubblegum pink bikini top under the outfit, which complemented the overall color scheme. It appeared to have a simple design, with soft, triangular cups strung next to one another on a single string encircling her waist, and an additional pair of ties fastened in a bow behind her neck. Her pert breasts swelled beneath the lightweight fabric.

Qimmah was photographed outdoors in what appeared to be a public park. The blurry background showed the trunks of several palm trees, various signage, and a few sets of aluminum stair railing. She posed next to a short cement wall with her muscular thighs together. Both hands lifted into the air to shield her eyes from the bright sunshine that spilled over her body.