Charly Jordan Tugs Down Pants To Show Off Semi-Sheer Black Panties & Tells Certain People To Unfollow Her

Charly Jordan took to Instagram on Friday to share a provocative set of pics that showed her flaunting her fantastic physique in sexy lingerie. The model also delivered a message for her followers who aren't fond of her racier content.

While Charly's white-hot snapshots gave many of her 4.1 million IG fans an additional reason to celebrate the start of the weekend, her caption seemed to suggest that others were anything but happy about her share. She's seemingly had issues with people reporting her Instagram posts so that they get taken down. She used her latest post to ask the people who are doing this to simply unfollow her instead.

In the photos that she was fearful of having removed, she rocked a black lingerie set. Her top featured underwire and a molded design that enhanced her perky cleavage. Mesh with a subtle sheen was stretched over the cups for a textured look, while the plunging neckline and bottom were finished with scallop trim.

Charly's panties were crafted out of floral lace. Unlike her bra, her scanty bottoms were semi-sheer. They had skinny side bands with gold sliders for an adjustable fit. The waistline hit low on her sculpted lower abdomen, and it was finished with fluttery eyelash lace.

Charly wore a pair of olive green sweatpants over her underwear. They featured pockets and a drawstring waist, but the model left the strings untied. She revealed that the pants were from Revolve.

She wore the waist slung down low on her shapely hips so that the top of her panties peeked out. She accessorized her unusual ensemble with a pair of silver dangle cross earrings and a necklace with a sword pendant. The dangerous-looking charm had a rosebud on the pommel, and it matched a tattoo on Charly's right wrist.

The recording artist had her springy blond curls pulled back, leaving a few tendrils to frame her stunning face. In her first photo, she reached up to place her hands on the sides of her neck. This pressed her breasts together to create more cleavage.

Next, Charly hooked her left thumb over her pants' loose waistband and pulled it down to reveal more of her undies. The final snapshot captured her crossing her arms in front of her chest while giving the camera a fierce look.

Charly's fans showed their appreciation for her pics by liking them over 220,000 times. Some of her admirers also shared their thoughts about her more critical followers.

"They just don't appreciate art," read one message left in her post's comments section.

"Oh, they're just jealous," suggested another fan.

"It's definitely the Karens and people with nothing else to do with their time that make petty reports on photo," a third supporter added.