Bru Luccas Shakes Her Perky Derriere & Busty Assets In A Skimpy Coral Bikini As She Twists & Shouts

A Friday afternoon Instagram video posted by Bru Luccas quickly raised temperatures sky high. The Brazilian bombshell brought back a crocheted bikini she had worn in at least one previous upload and she shook her stuff as she danced a bit once more.

Earlier this month, Luccas shared a short titillating video clip with her 3.9 million Instagram followers. She showed off her killer physique while dancing to a snippet of a song by Puerto Rican singer Don Omar. The sexy two-piece ensemble she wore then seemed to be the same one that clung to her figure in this new upload.

Luccas shared the new video via both her Instagram and TikTok pages and her fans went wild over it on both social media sites. This time, she utilized an oldie but goodie by shaking her stuff to the decades-old song "Twist and Shout."

The 26-year-old filmed herself in almost the exact same spot as the prior upload with a bed that could be seen in the background. The coral-hued crocheted bikini showcased her shapely thighs and rock-hard abs, and her plentiful cleavage was on full display.

She took full advantage of the opportunities to do some twisting and shaking along with the music. Luccas started the clip by tousling her blond tresses with one hand as she smiled and cast her gaze downward.

As soon as the music began, Luccas started gyrating her hips. She brought her head up and looked at the camera as performed some sexy hip moves.

A second or two later, she started to shake her chest. It seemed that Luccas was hoping to give her millions of fans a bit of a thrill with the bouncy move, and that moment certainly did not go unnoticed.

Luccas turned her body as she continued her saucy moves in an effort to show off her peachy posterior. In the midst of this, someone else could be spotted in the bedroom next to the bed.

Whoever the model's partner-in-crime was, she also wore a skimpy two-piece. She seemed to be grabbing something from a bag on the floor before scooting out of the frame again.

The Brazilian stunner teased that "Jajaja" was behind her, and her ardent admirers likely wished the other gal would join in on shaking her stuff.

It took only about two hours for Luccas' new clip to receive more than 102,500 likes and 1,110 comments.

Many of the notes seemed to be written in Portuguese, and a number of people relied on emoji to signal their love for the model's sexy moves.

The post from earlier this month that showcased Luccas' jaw-dropping curves in the same two-piece bathing suit ultimately received more than 340,000 likes. By the looks of things, this new version may do even better than that.