Stassie Karanikolao Slays In A Green Swimsuit While Kylie Jenner Spills Out Of Her Strapless Bikini

Stassie Karanikolao and Kylie Jenner reunited for a rare photo together, and fans of the famous friends went wild over the stunning results. In the image, the influencers both rocked revealing swimwear.

Stassie, 23, shared the pic on her Instagram page, which boasts over 9.6 million followers. It was similar to a few photos that she's shared in recent days, all of which show her modeling swimsuits while posing in tropical settings. However, she was solo in those snapshots.

According to The Daily Mail, the model and her beauty mogul BFF are currently enjoying a sun-soaked getaway in Mexico with a group that includes Kendall Jenner and a few other friends. Stassie's photo was seemingly taken at the their luxurious villa. She and Kylie posed in front of a tall, yellow stucco wall with a row of narrow vertical openings near the top. Another much lower wall joined it to create a corner. It had a raised platform behind it where a tropical plant with huge glossy leaves grew inside a large ceramic pot.

Stassie was clad in a one-piece that featured a green-and-turquoise pattern of diagonal stripes with hazy edges. The maillot had spaghetti straps and a scoop neck that exposed a tease of cleavage. The sides were cut all the way up to the bust to bare a generous amount of her hip area. A string tie around the waist helped hold the front of the garment securely against her curvy figure. The skinny belt also highlighted her hourglass shape.

She wore an array of beaded bracelets on both wrists and a cross pendant on a thin chain around her neck. Her brunette hair looked naturally wavy, and it was pushed back behind her shoulders. She posed with her hands on the sides of her thighs and her eyes closed in a blissful manner.

Kylie's eyes were also shut. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wore a bikini that boasted a tropical print in yellow, pink, and green. Her top was a bandeau that was knotted in the center. She teamed the piece with a pair of classic string bikini bottoms. Her dark hair's length was significantly boosted by silky extensions.

She was pictured bending over and pressing her voluptuous booty up against the wall. This caused her ample cleavage to spill out of her top. Her long hair hung down in front of her, reaching her knees.

Stassie's vacation pic with her pal received over half a million likes in just one hour, along with hundreds of messages.

"Hell of a duo," wrote one fan in the comments section.

"Barbie dolls," another admirer added.

"Lil spillage on isle 3," cracked a third fan.

"This is how social media influencers take naps," a fourth Instagrammer joked.