Lauren Dascalo Spreads Her Legs While Wearing The Skimpiest Underwear: 'Weekend Vibes'

Fitness, fashion, and lifestyle influencer Lauren Dascalo stunned many of her 1.1 million followers on Instagram with a seriously sultry double update on Friday. The blond bombshell was weekend-ready, as indicated in the caption, ditching her pants and posing with her legs spread open while chilling on a lounge chair.

The model wore nothing but skimpy underwear below the waist, exposing her voluptuous thighs in a barely there white number. The undies featured a tiny ribbed front that only covered the essential, leaving her lower body nearly in full view of the camera. The item's scooped waistline was particularly noticeable, as it dipped far past her belly button and completely bared her toned tummy. The scanty garment was rendered even more revealing by an incredible high cut that showed off her curvy hips. Thin, spaghetti side straps stretched high on her waist, accentuating Lauren's perfect hourglass figure.

The smokeshow paired the piece with a cropped baby-blue hoodie for a casual-sexy look. The cozy top balanced out the skin-flashing bottoms with its loose fit and long-sleeved design, while also leaving her chiseled midriff and tight abs on display. Lauren wore the hood up, letting her long tresses cascade over her shoulders in loose waves. Her beautiful facial features were perfectly framed by a set of choppy bangs, which infused style into her look.

Lauren posed with her hands raised, showing off the silver band ring on her finger. Her nails appeared to feature white French tips, which incidentally matched her panties. She peered into the camera with an enticing stare and slightly parted her lips in a provocative way. A swipe to the next slide saw her leaning her elbow on her thigh and pressing her index finger against her chin as she glanced sideways. The black leather chair made her outfit pop and put extra emphasis on her bared skin.

According to the geotag, the duo of snaps was taken in Beverly Hills, California. The pics were shot from a low angle and cut off at the knee, keeping the focus on her curves rather than capturing her enviable figure in full. In her caption, Lauren credited AEPCustomz for her eye-popping outfit. She also gave a shout-out to her makeup artist, Alex Marin.

The double update proved very popular with Lauren's online admirers, racking up about 9,240 likes in the first three hours. Followers had plenty to say about the sizzling-hot photoshoot, taking to the comments section in large numbers to compliment the model.

"Always bringing the best vibes," said one person.

"If that face doesn't make your day better, I don't know what will," chimed in another fan.

"Thank you for a great start to the weekend," wrote a third user.

"Beauty and the beast! You are the beauty and I am the beast!" quipped a fourth admirer.