WWE News: Former Superstar Says JBL Made His Life A 'Living Hell'

Former WWE superstar Chris Masters recently sat down with Sportskeeda and discussed a variety of topics. During the conversation, he recalled his negative experiences of working with John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL), revealing that the former World Champion made his life difficult.

According to Masters, the Hall of Famer gave him a hard time during the 2005 Tribute to the Troops trip. Over a year later at the 2007 Royal Rumble pay-per-view, JBL took shots at the young superstar while he was on commentary.

When Masters entered the titular match, the legend described him as an "orangutan" who had "a nickel brain in a perfect body," which led to some fans wondering if the remarks were an underlying attack designed to bury Masters on-air.

During the chat with Sportskeeda, Masters revealed that JBL's comments were his real opinions, even though he was also playing the role of a heel commentator at the time.

"It was him being a heel but it was also JBL being JBL. That's the same type of stuff he was telling me when we were on a Tribute to the Troops with him in 2005. I mean, he made my life a living hell on that trip and he said a lot of those things to my face. I would say that's JBL being a heel on commentating but it's also JBL being JBL."
Masters went on to say that JBL's Royal Rumble comments were not the most offensive things that he ever heard from the Hall of Famer. He also noted that he interpreted JBL's remarks as stereotypical bodybuilder jokes, as opposed to personal attacks.

Chris Masters appears on television

The former superstar opened up about the Tribute to the Troops incident in more detail last year as well. As The Inquisitr pointed out, Masters said that the veteran spent the entire trip trash-talking and tormenting him.

He also explained that other veterans, such as Bob Holly, used to bully him and other rising stars in an effort to make them doubt their own abilities. However, the Masters acknowledged that they were trying to test their resiliency and make sure that they were cut out for the business. Not everyone agrees with that assessment, however.

As The Inquisitr report highlighted, the Hall of Famer's hazing methods helped some superstars improve and have successful careers in the company. Other employees -- such as former announcer Mauro Ranallo -- responded negatively and ended up being forced out of the company as a result.