'General Hospital' Friday Spoilers: Olivia Knows The Truth & The Fallout Will Be Significant

Olivia now knows the truth about the drunken fling that Ned and Alexis had, and General Hospital spoilers tease that nobody will get out of this one unscathed. The sneak peek shared via Twitter provides a sense of what's ahead, and it's shaping up to be quite wild.

Ned and Tracy had been desperate to keep Olivia from learning that he slept with Alexis. He considered coming clean a few times, but his mother repeatedly stepped in to keep him from doing it.

During Thursday's show, Tracy's delicate house of cards imploded. The gathering at the Quartermaine mansion to celebrate Ned adopting Leo turned into an intense set of revelations, and General Hospital teasers reveal that there's plenty more to come with the January 22 episode.

Alexis had maintained for weeks now that she had not been driving drunk the night of her arrest. Olivia and Sam were able to use Alexis' new security system to prove that Tracy had been lying, and Sam left the Quartermaine home promising to clear her mom.

That's great news for Alexis, but she's hardly out of the woods with this drama. Olivia rightly feels incredibly betrayed by both Alexis and Ned, and she's got more to say to both of them.

General Hospital teasers indicate that during the upcoming hour, Tracy will tell someone that they need all the help they can get. Olivia will seemingly talk to herself as she says that the joke seems to be on her, and Ned will intensely exclaim that something isn't about him.

Alexis will angrily stop someone from leaving. According to SheKnows Soaps, she will begin trying to make amends. Chances seem good that Olivia won't be in a place to hear any apologies from her, but Alexis does have plenty of other relationships to repair.

What will happen with all of these people once the dust settles? General Hospital teasers detail that next week, Alexis will go with Sam to what seems to be GH.

Is Alexis going to finally accept the need to get sober, or will this be a different kind of medical issue? It does sound as if she will start to pull things back together again soon.

Apparently, Olivia won't be completely done digging around in spy mode quite yet. In the days ahead, she'll have a mystery she tries to solve. Unfortunately, her efforts leave her even more confused.

Will Ned and Olivia find a way to repair their marriage after this? Will Tracy face any consequences for her role in this mess? General Hospital spoilers signal that this may stay messy for a while, even though the truth has finally been exposed.