Nata Lee Sizzles In A Thong That Bares Her Buns In Bubbling Water

Nata Lee heated up her Instagram feed with a steamy video that showed her enjoying a sweet escape from snowy weather by relaxing in hot water.

The Russian model revealed that her sexy footage was shot during a trip to the Turkish region of Cappadocia. She was shown soaking in an in-ground spa with jets that made the warm water vigorously bubble around her partially submerged body. The round tub was also filled with soap bubbles that formed fluffy mounds of floating foam.

Nata was positioned with her belly facing down, which made her round booty stick up above the bubbles. She wore a pair of pink thong bottoms that bared her glistening buns. The fitness enthusiast wasn't wearing a top, so the shot included an unobstructed view of her sculpted back muscles. She prevented her blond hair from getting wet by wearing it pulled up in a topknot. Her only visible accessory was a mala bead bracelet on her right wrist.

Nata's arms were folded on the wooden floor surrounding the spa. As she was filmed leaning over the tub's edge, she slowly lowered her upraised head to rest it on her arms. The room she was in was dimly lit, with four large candles providing a small amount of illumination. Natural light from a window also filtered in to reflect off of her soaked skin. Frost and steam covered some of the glass, and the plants outside the window were blanketed with snow.

A white teacup on a saucer sat on the floor directly in front of Nata. Beside it, there was what appeared to be a copper, teardrop-shaped diffuser for aromatherapy. A basket near the window contained two fluffy white towels that were neatly rolled up and ready for the model to use.

Nata revealed that the spa footage was not current by writing that she was longing for "a hot jacuzzi in snowy Cappadocia" when she shared it on her IG page. However, her followers seemed content with watching her get warmed up in the throwback video.

"How sexy is this!" read a response to her post that included three drooling emoji.

"It's not a jacuzzi, you are just really really hot. Boiling the water," another admirer wrote in the comments section.

"So unbelievably beautiful," a third fan added.

The globe-trotting model often creates sexy content during her travels, and her internet audience is usually more interested in seeing her than her surroundings. In a recent pic snapped during her trip to Dubai, she thrilled her fans by posing on her knees in white lingerie.