Spoilers For Friday's 'General Hospital': Josslyn Questions Carly As Curtis Nudges Nina

General Hospital spoilers for Friday promise progress with the messy situation involving Nina and her biological daughter. That half-heart necklace is the key to the truth and it may not take much longer for the details regarding who had the other half to emerge.

Earlier this week, Ava grabbed an opportunity to get the necklace back for Avery. She caught Josslyn at a time when her mom wasn't there and used the teen's love for her little sister to successfully do an end-run around Carly's stalls.

The General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals that Josslyn and her mother will have a chat about this. Neither Ava nor Joss have any idea why Carly has been so desperate to keep that piece of jewelry hidden away.

On the surface, it seemed simply as if Carly is being stubborn. General Hospital viewers, however, know that the real reason is that Carly knows it ties Nelle to Nina.

Carly will learn about Ava's visit to the Corinthos home to get her hands on the necklace. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Carly will be upset about this, and this will prompt Josslyn to ask if she should have refused Ava's request.

In all likelihood, Carly will be between a rock and a hard place here in a sense. She certainly doesn't want to tell Josslyn the truth about why she had that hidden. On the other hand, she surely won't want Joss to feel as if she did anything wrong.

Carly will probably be angry with Ava since the two women aren't exactly on good terms as it is. However, Ava truly had no idea why Carly was so desperate to keep this jewelry hidden away.

As that plays out, General Hospital teasers detail that Curtis will catch up with Nina. After a lot of back-and-forth, it seems that Nina is trying to convince herself it's time to let go of this search for her daughter for good.

Curtis will ask Nina if she's sure she can let this go. She doesn't look all that confident, and General Hospital viewers know that this isn't about to go away for good. For now, however, she may try to convince herself she's committed to never knowing the identity of her daughter.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Jax will be feeling rather apprehensive during Friday's show. It seems possible that he'll learn of the encounter that Josslyn had with Ava, and he'll certainly be as uneasy with this as Carly was.

Will Ava be the one to finally make the connection and expose the truth? General Hospital viewers have speculated that this may all soon connect to Sonny, Phyllis, and perhaps a not-really-dead Nelle. Spoilers hint that things will get quite crazy on this front during the next few weeks and fans cannot wait to watch.