January 21, 2021
WWE News: The Undertaker Shares His Real Thoughts On CM Punk's UFC Career In Recent Interview With Joe Rogan

The Undertaker incorporated elements of MMA into his wrestling arsenal during his in-ring career, but he never had any intention to make the switch to the octagon after becoming a household name. He also questioned CM Punk's decision to try his hand at the fighting a few years ago.

During a recent interview with The Joe Rogan Experience, by way of Sportskeeda, the legendary WWE superstar revealed that he may have considered participating in the sport if it was popular when he was coming up. He then discussed CM Punk's decision to leave the world of sports entertainment and jump ship to UFC after leaving WWE in 2014.

According to The Undertaker, Punk's decision to make the transition confused him. He said that "The Straight Edge Superstar" was in a great position in the company during his time there, though he admitted that he doesn't know enough about the situation to comment fully.

"I didn't understand it. He had an issue with the company. Sometimes people just wanna... they need a new challenge. But he was the top dude, he was a top guy for the company. Sometimes, like I said, I don't know enough because I wasn't around enough at that time, but I don't know that he had enough background [to fight in UFC]. It was kind of late in the game, I think, for him to make that transition."

CM Punk cuts a promo on the stage

The Undertaker insisted that he and Punk got along and described him as a good guy. He also praised Punk for taking a chance on himself to see how he fared in the octagon, but noted that his lack of athletic experience and his late entry into the sport stopped him from succeeding.

Rogan and The Undertaker went on to say that every fighter should learn the game at an amateur level before making the jump to UFC. They both acknowledged that Punk beginning his training in his late thirties probably prevented him from becoming a credible mixed martial artist.

They also compared Punk to Brock Lesnar, another performer who joined UFC after leaving WWE. Lesnar had an amateur wrestling background before entering the combat sport, however, and they stated that "The Beast Incarnate" was a "freak athlete."

Punk lost both of his professional fights, against Mickey Gall and Mike Jackson, respectively. While he isn't expected to compete again, it is believed that he's still technically under contract with Dana White's MMA promotion.