January 21, 2021
'Dragon Ball Super' Chapter 68 Hints At Vegeta Learning Technique Of Gods Of Destruction From Beerus

Dragon Ball Super Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga concluded with Son Goku widening the gap between him and Vegeta. The Saiyan Prince might have learned a powerful technique at Planet Yardrat, but it was clearly not on the same level as Son Goku's Ultra Instinct. However, the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga gave a major hint that it would only be a matter of time before Vegeta would also learn one of the techniques of the gods.

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68, Vegeta and Universe 7 God of Destruction Beerus were featured watching Son Goku and Whis train Ultra Instinct. Kakarot is still far from reaching the level of Merus, Whis, and the Grand Priest, but he could already use Ultra Instinct at his own will. The Saiyan Prince looked pretty annoyed to see his rival getting stronger.

Beerus asked him if he doesn't have any plan of joining Whis and Son Goku in their training and be able to use Ultra Instinct. Vegeta said that Ultra Instinct doesn't suit him, explaining that he would find another way to surpass Son Goku. Beerus claimed that it would be possible for the Saiyan Prince to become stronger than Kakarot, but everything would still depend on him.

Dragon Ball features Son Goku's Ultra Instinct.
Flickr | Brian Juarez

Universe 7 God of Destruction revealed that Ultra Instinct isn't the only technique of the gods, giving Vegeta a glimpse of hope. Beerus added that it's only the specialty of Angels. He said that Gods of Destruction like him wouldn't run around using a move that would require them to keep their heart and mind calm and tranquil.

The Saiyan Prince immediately asked Beerus to tell him what type of technique he and other Gods of Destruction use. At first, Beerus refused to give further details about the other techniques of the gods, saying that it's not part of his job to train mortals. However, when he was about to leave, he gave him permission to let him watch while he's exercising to wake himself up. Beerus said that Vegeta is free to steal any move that he believes would help him achieve his goal of surpassing Son Goku.

As of now, most fans are intrigued to know what type of technique Vegeta will learn from the Universe 7 God of Destruction. Since Kakarot first unleashed Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power, fans have been waiting for Dragon Ball Super creator Akira Toriyama to give the Saiyan Prince a huge power-up. As more powerful opponents appear in front of them, Vegeta would have to become incredibly stronger to help Son Goku defend Earth and the entire universe. In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68, Oracle Fish predicted that there would be "balance shifting" in Universe 7 as the "strongest warrior in the universe will soon rise up."