Bru Luccas Jiggles Her Perfect Booty In A Thong Bikini While Walking In The Snow

Fitness model Bru Luccas displayed a combination of fire and ice for her 3.9 million Instagram followers in her most recent update on Thursday afternoon. The stunning brunette wore a skimpy bikini that showcased her incredible physique and exposed herself to the wintery outdoor elements in the short video, which garnered over 86,000 likes in the first few hours after it was uploaded.

In the caption, Bru credited the Los Angeles-based brand Boutine for her bright red swimsuit. The bottoms featured narrow straps that sat high over her hips that attached to a tiny triangle of fabric that rose up between her enviable cheeks and rested on the small of her back. A small white "X" -- which was seemingly the brand logo -- was printed in the center.

The matching top beautifully accentuated the depth of her cleavage. Its underwire demi-cups barely contained her voluptuous breasts, which bounced enticingly as she walked. The garment had adjustable straps and clasped in the back similar to a bra, and it was also printed with the subtle white letter.

Bru also wore black leather hiking boots and a black knitted beanie topped with double pom-poms pulled down over her ears. She completed the look with a pair of oval sunglasses with dark lenses.

Her hair was loosely curled and fell across her upper back, with the exception of a few layered tendrils in the front that grazed the tops of her chiseled shoulders.

Bru was filmed outdoors against the backdrop of a sapphire-colored lake surrounded by a range of mountains forested with deep-green trees, and a nearly cloudless blue sky. As the clip began, she walked slowly down a snowy path lined on either side with tall, dried grasses. She traipsed toward the water's edge as the videographer followed her, focusing primarily on the alluring jiggle of her tantalizing backside.

Bright sunshine poured over the model, which further highlighted the toned lines of her muscular figure — and hopefully provided a little warmth to her unclothed body. She made her way to the end of a long, narrow dock, stepped onto the edge, and flipped around 180 degrees to flaunt her exquisite abdominal region. She took a few steps backward as she slid one hand along the metal railing and smiled sweetly at the camera for a moment.

As the video ended, Bru stood still with her weight balanced on one leg and turned her head sideways, gazing off into the distance with a contemplative expression.

Bru chose the mellow track "Inside Your Head" by Gioli & Assia to accompany the video.