January 21, 2021
Ashley Resch Reveals Sideboob While Wearing Nothing In Bed: 'Happiest Surrounded By Plants'

Ashley Resch teased her Instagram followers with a daring nude photo of herself surrounded by plants with beautiful sunlight streaming in on Thursday.

In the photo, Ashley lay on her stomach atop creamy linens. She rested her head to one side, with her arms crossed under it on a pillow. Additional pillows and an off-white duvet were also visible. A similar-colored book lay on one side. Nearly Ashley's head was a pot with dark soil and shoots growing out of it. Next to it was a textured green leaf. Light streamed down, illuminating her curvy body from above.

Ashley appeared to be entirely nude in the shot. The frame ended near her lower back, revealing a tan line from bikini bottoms. Her positioning showcased a generous glimpse of her sideboob while also maintaining her modesty. Ashley's curvy hourglass shape and toned back were on full display, with several of her intricate tattoos visible on her flawless skin. The model's face appeared to glow in the light, and her golden hair tumbled over her arms and onto her back in loose waves from a side part.

Ashley tagged Estuard Guinea with the photography credit in her caption. Instagram users showed plenty of appreciation for the sensual photo. At least 8,350 hit the like button, and nearly 130 took the time to leave an appreciative reply in the comments section.

"That's a Taurus goddess in her element! Golden light and plants and nakedness!" one devotee noted, including a hang-ten sign, heart, sparkle, and Taurus emoji.

"That glow, though. You're an Earth Angel, Ashley. Grow baby grow. Those plans do a body good, and your curves do my body good," a second fan enthused along with an angel emoji and a heart.

"This picture is everything. A true work of art. It should be called 'The Awakening of a Goddess.' You are so perfect, Ashley. Absolutely stunning in every single way. Keep up the amazing work," a third Instagram user declared, including roses, hearts, flames, and crowns to complete the comment.

"Wow! Nice view. The plants must be happy too. Too bad it's not the full picture, though," a fourth follower teased, adding red heart-eye cat and heart-kiss emoji.

Ashley often showcases her voluptuous figure on her social media, where she often models workout clothes, bikinis, and other skimpy outfits. The Inquisitr previously reported that she flaunted her pert, sandy backside in a black bikini while enjoying some time at the beach.