January 21, 2021
'Sister Wives' Returns To TLC & Struggles Are Ahead For Kody, Christine, Janelle, Meri & Robyn Brown

Sister Wives will return to TLC beginning this February and the new season brings with it an entirely new host of problems for the polygamist Brown clan that includes Kody and his wives Meri, Christine, Robyn, and Janelle. In a new Instagram post seen below, the adults of the extended brood are seen as they stand next to one another with somber looks on their faces.

Janelle posted the snap and a caption which revealed that the show would hit the airwaves once again beginning Sunday, February 14 at 10 p.m. EST. She said she was happy to reveal the news, although her followers claimed otherwise after looking at the attached photograph.

"But you don't look happy at all in that pic," claimed one fan.

"Yay!!! Can't wait to catch up with my favorite TLC family," wrote a second follower.

"I was afraid this day would never come, what with so many cancellations this past year. I cannot wait!" penned a third Instagram user.

"So funny. I was just googling earlier today, 'When will Sister Wives return?' I wasn't able to find an answer, so I'm glad you spilled the beans," remarked a fourth viewer.

During the last season of the series, the clan and their kids (which number 18 total, however many of the older children are on their own and do not live with their parents) left their Las Vegas compound and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona where Kody dreamed of his wives and children living in one huge house on the expansive land they purchased in the area.

However, Christine was not on board with the idea.

In a story published by People Magazine, the family will continue to evolve and change throughout this season and the relationship of Kody and Christine will be put to the test. The publication revealed that Christine will say she "can't do marriage with Kody anymore."

Meri will also share her feelings of distance from her husband.

Janelle said that their clan found themselves challenged since they moved to the area because until they could build their dream homes on the property, they must continue to pay rent on four separate units.

Christine will admit she wants to move back to Utah even though her children, who are settled in the area, do not want to. She also is feeling the strain in her relationships with her sister wives, per the People Story. The pandemic will also put a rattle in their lifestyle as Kody is the only member of the family traveling from home to home, further isolating the wives from one another.