January 21, 2021
WWE's Sasha Banks Sizzles In Sparkly Bra & Thong In Latest Hot Photos

Sasha Banks took to Instagram this week and treated her 5 million followers to a series of snaps, much to their delight. The WWE superstar showed off her toned physique and boasted plenty of confidence for the occasion too, seemingly reminding her fans why they call her "The Boss."

The images depicted the Friday Night SmackDown superstar posing in a sparkly bra and cargo pants, which were low enough to expose a matching thong that she wore underneath them. The low-cut trousers were also peppered with the sparkly design that was visible on her upper body attire.

In the first snap, Banks stood facing the camera with her right arm resting behind her blue hair. She boasted a casual smile on her face, and her abs were firmly on display for all to see.

The second upload saw Banks positioned side-on to the camera and crouched down toward the floor, showcasing a beaming smile and providing her followers with a shot of her glamorous black-and-white sneakers.

Banks stood up again in the subsequent upload, this time raising her arm to reveal one of her muscly biceps as she positioned her hand on the top of her head. She also stood with her legs parted and her body slightly hunched over to the side.

"The Boss" got on her knees again for the next pose, which was similar to the second upload. However, her face boasted a more reserved smile this time, and her right leg was positioned higher.

Banks approached the next pose by standing straight again, albeit with her arms by her side. The next pic was similar, though she let her hair hang down low while she twirled it.

For the next snap, Banks kneeled down and stared at the floor, resting her hand in her hair and exposing two fingers from the blue coloring. The rest of her snaps were a combination of her rocking her previous stances, but she closed out the set with an upbeat expression in each pic.

The shares were met with a positive response from Banks' followers as well. The images have received over 270,000 likes as of this writing, with many of the wrestler's fans also taking the time to shared some compliments in the comments section.

Banks is known for delighting her fans on social media, however. As The Inquisitr previously documented, she took to Instagram earlier this month and treated them to some shots of her rocking a figure-flattering mini skirt.