January 21, 2021
Chelsea Handler Displays Her Bare Bust While On A Ski Lift & Breathes A Visible Sigh Of Relief

Chelsea Handler thrilled -- and apparently did not surprise -- most of her 4 million Instagram followers with her most recent share on Wednesday, January 20. The controversial celebrity was in a celebratory mood and got quite comfortable on a ski lift while taking advantage of the crisp winter air.

Although Chelsea did not elaborate in the caption as to the reason why she was so merry that morning, it seemed clear that her ecstatic mood was due to Joe Biden's presidential inauguration. The outspoken celebrity has vehemently expressed her distaste for Donald Trump over the years and has been equally as demonstrative in her support for Biden during his campaign and election.

The short video post showed Chelsea from the left side and appeared to be filmed by a person sitting next to her on the slow-moving chair lift, although she nonchalantly gazed forward the entire time and did not make eye contact with the camera. A blanket of snow covered the ground below.

Chelsea wore a gray helmet topped with a pair of pink-lensed goggles, a blue fabric face mask, and a lightweight jacket with matching pants in dusty purple. A pair of well-insulated gloves were looped around one wrist. She layered the coat over a charcoal-colored down vest, which she unzipped and opened wide as the video commenced.

She jovially bobbed her head back and forth while quickly unbuttoning the upper portion of the plaid flannel shirt she wore beneath her vest. Once she completed that task, she pulled the two halves apart to display a striped sports bra.

The sassy blonde selected the track "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars as the musical accompaniment to the update. She strategically timed the beginning of the chorus to match the swift movement in which she slid the band of her bra up over her chest and exposed her voluptuous bare breasts to the open air. A pair of floating heart emoji covered her bits to make the view acceptable for Instagram.

Chelsea closed her eyes and dropped her head back. The slow rise-and-fall of her chest was clearly visible as she took a couple of deep, cleansing breaths.

Chelsea's post received a mixed bag of responses in the comments section, although the majority of followers shared her elation and were delighted by her flippant demeanor.

Sarah Silverman expressed adoration for Chelsea and returned the sentiment. Michelle Pfeiffer left crying-laughing, applause, and flame emoji.

"Everything about this makes me happy, LMAO," declared Kate Hudson, who added sunshine and crying-laughing emoji for emphasis.

"Lmaoooo... you know what!!! I expected NOTHING LESS!" Tacarra Williams added.

"Trump been stressing tf out of my t*tties too. Let them breathe!!" exclaimed another fan.