January 20, 2021
Olympic Gymnast Nastia Liukin Flaunts Her Derrière In A Cheeky Black Bodysuit With Cut-Out Back

On Wednesday, Nastia Liukin ratcheted up the heat on her Instagram page by sharing a racy photo of herself rocking a one-piece look that exposed a lot of skin.

Nastia, 31, stunned in a skintight black bodysuit somewhat reminiscent of the leotards that she wore while competing as one of America's top gymnasts. However, the garment showed off a lot more of her lean physique. It had long sleeves and a solid front that provided plenty of coverage, but a large cutout bared most of her toned back. Below the waist, the piece boasted a cheeky design that showed off her pert derrière.

The Olympic gold medalist added a touch of gold to her look by sporting tiny hoops in her ears and two stacked bands on the middle finger of her left hand. Her blond hair was straightened so that it looked silky and smooth. She wore it styled with a side part.

Nastia posed in front of a white backdrop. She sat sideways on a short wooden block with her long, willowy legs folded to her left. Her bared backside slightly jutted out over the back of the block. She made a fist with her left hand and rested it against the side of her opposite hip. With her right hand, she grasped the edge of her small seat. She finished her pose by tucking her chin down and turning her head to look at the camera. A small smile played on her glossy pink lips as her photo was taken.

Nastia used tags to share a few details about her photoshoot. She revealed that Gabriela Tena was her fashion stylist, while Carachele Tyvan was her hairstylist. Photographer Jillian Dodderer took the pic.

In her caption, the athlete and influencer revealed that she was looking forward to "new beginnings." She earned over 17,000 likes for daring to bare so much of her athletic body, and her followers also took to the comments section to sound off about her stunning appearance. One fan of her photo was her fellow gymnastics icon, Simone Biles. She gave Nastia's post a big "YAAAAASSSSSS" followed by five fire emoji.

"You are a dream come true," read another message from an appreciative admirer.

"Great picture of a very beautiful lady!!!!!!" a third commenter added.

"Isn't she gorgeous?? One of my favs," added a fourth fan.

Nastia isn't afraid to rock edgy looks, and her fans love it when she models outfits that show a little skin. In a previous popular post, she was shown going braless underneath an unbuttoned blazer.