Cindy Prado Strips Down & Lounges Nude In A Pristine Pool

Cuban smokeshow Cindy Prado stunned her 1.9 million Instagram followers with her latest share, a sizzling trio of snaps in which she stripped down to her birthday suit while enjoying some relaxing time on vacation. The photos were taken in St. Barths, as the geotag indicated.

Cindy was spending some time in a small pool with pristine water and a wooden ledge around the edge, as well as pale gray and white tiles along the interior. The area was surrounded by lush greenery, including a few fronds that nearly hung into the pool itself. The spot also had a breathtaking view of the idyllic surroundings, from the deep blue water that stretched out to the horizon to the lush greenery that covered the island.

Cindy was alone in the pool, and she took advantage of the space by stretching out in the first snap. She angled her body so it was facing the bottom of the water, with only her back visible in the shot. Her long, lean legs were both underwater, one extended and the other bent as she pointed her feet, looking graceful and gorgeous. Her peachy posterior wasn't immersed, instead coming just above the surface, the sunlight beaming down on her flawless figure.

She had her elbows resting on a ledge within the space, and had one hand placed over her upper arm, which was carefully positioned to hide any NSFW areas. Her long locks tumbled down her back in an effortless style, and she had her eyes closed, soaking in the sunshine.

Her position changed only slightly in the second shot, as she rested both her forearms on the ledge, her gaze focused on something in the distance. For the third and final snap in the series, she spun around, turning her body so the camera could capture the front of her physique. She had one leg bent and the other foot resting on the bottom, her arms crossed over her torso to cover her bare chest.

Her followers couldn't get enough of the update, and the post received over 24,300 likes within 33 minutes, as well as 488 comments from her eager fans.

"My birthday QUEEN! So sad I couldn't make it but currently living through your beautiful posts. Celebrating when you get back! Love you beautiful," one of her friends wrote in the comments section.

"Can't believe I witnessed this," another follower chimed in, including two heart eyes emoji.

"Don't let that sun burn that priceless derriere," a third fan remarked, worried about Cindy's exposed assets.

Yesterday, as The Inquisitr reported, Cindy shared another trio of shots that appeared to have been captured in the same location. For that update, she wore a tiny orange bikini as she posed with a beverage from Vital Proteins, a brand she has worked with many times before.