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Jill Duggar Causes A Stir By Wearing Converse Sneakers In New Instagram Post, Writes Of ‘Peace In Trust’

Stacy Carey - Author

Jan. 20 2021, Updated 10:35 a.m. ET

Jill Duggar took to Instagram on Wednesday morning to share a new post with her 1.7 million followers. Both the photo and caption took some of her fans by surprise, as it seemed about as close to being political as she ever gets.

The snapshot was a selfie that showed Jill’s feet as she stood on a sidewalk outdoors. She wore a pair of gray Converse sneakers, and that was perceived by quite a few people as a sign of sorts.

Wednesday, of course, was Inauguration Day for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. For some time now, Harris has frequently been seen wearing that brand of sneakers while doing events or being in public.

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Was this a conscious decision to wear shoes that many people tie to the newly-inaugurated leader? She didn’t say that explicitly. However, it did seem likely to be more than a coincidence.

The caption was a lengthy one that referenced both politics and religion. The former Counting On star did not name either Biden or former President Donald Trump. However, she did mention that change can prompt big feelings, regardless of which side of the aisle one is.

The caption included some song lyrics and she noted that she has found peace in trust this year. The song lyrics were religious ones and Jill said that she maintains a lot of trust in Jesus Christ.

In her Instagram stories, she also included a reference to the inauguration as she showed a photo of her laptop streaming the event taking place in Washington, D.C. The former Counting On personality added text signaling that she was having pizza for breakfast while watching it happen, and she asked who else was watching.

Over the course of four hours, more than 8,350 likes and 280 comments came in on Jill’s post. One person noted that she loved Jill’s shoes, and the former reality television star replied that they were some of her favorites.

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Not everybody understood why others perceived Jill’s photo to be a political statement of any sort. Quite a few people were unfamiliar with Harris’ passion for wearing this particular brand of sneakers.

However, many of the comments definitely believed this was definitely a signal Jill threw out on purpose.

“The chucks!!! Did you vote for Biden?!?! Please say yes,” one person commented, although Jill did not reply.

“Chucks? Representing Kamala? Interesting…” another fan wrote.

There was at least one reply from someone who perceived the picture and caption as support for the new administration and the follower was not happy about it. Others mentioned their love for the song she quoted and said it was one they had been singing themselves frequently of late.

“I love seeing you in chucks today! Like tears in my eyes love it,” someone else noted.

“Jill, I think it amazing that regardless of what your political leanings may be, that you have decided to be a voice of healing and trust – not one of division,” detailed another supporter.

Jill’s upbringing was certainly extremely conservative, but she has slowly taken steps toward being somewhat more moderate. She and her husband, Derick Dillard, have been open in the fact they’ve distanced themselves from the Duggar family in a lot of respects. This Inauguration Day post might signal the continuation of that process.


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