Dakota Johnson Shares Details Of Scary Panic Attack On The Set Of The Film 'Our Friend'

Dakota Johnson shared details of what she called a "scary" panic attack on the set of her new movie, Our Friend. She told Jimmy Fallon during a remote appearance on The Tonight Show what happened.

In a video clip seen below, Dakota told Jimmy that singing in front of others was terrifying for her.

"I was meant to be performing in community theater. And they hit playback of my voice, my vocal recording, and called 'action' and I had a panic attack that manifested in all the ways that it does, that it can, so, like, I just took off running... around backstage. Then I started laughing hysterically, and everyone on the crew's like, 'What's she doing?'...Then I just stopped moving and started crying. It was like extreme flight mode," she explained.

Dakota spoke about the premise of Our Friend, which details the true story of married couple Nicole and Matthew Teague. Faced with Nicole's impending death, their best friend Dane Faucheux moves in with them and puts his life on hold to help the couple as they navigate their new normal. It tells the story of how friends can also be family.

The film stars Dakota and Oscar winner Casey Affleck as the couple and Jason Segal as their companion, per IMDB. It originally premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2019 but will not be distributed in theaters until January 22.

In the video, Dakota looked lovely in a light-colored floral robe. The tan loungewear bore a large print of red blooms with a green leaf design. It was worn loosely, the front billowing open to reveal her décolletage. The garment had long, loose sleeves that fell to her wrists. She wore her long, dark-colored hair in a messy bun. Heavy bangs brushed the top of her forehead, almost to her eyebrows.

Dakota and Jimmy also played a spirited game called "Dakota Settles It" where the Fifty Shades of Grey actress put her final remarks to a series of questions posed to her by the talk show host, seen in an Instagram video here.

There, she answered questions about her preferences for the following topics: the films The Notebook or When Harry Met Sally; Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings; could Jack have fit on the door with Rose in the film Titanic; if the following word is pronounced GIF or JIF; and other questions that made viewers think.