Justin Bieber Discusses His Faith & The Way He Moves Through Disappointment In A Spiritual Instagram Post

Lucille Barilla

Justin Bieber wrote about his faith and the way he copes with tough times in a spiritual Instagram post that was liked over 1 million times by the entertainer's 159 million followers.

The singer, songwriter, and husband to model wife Hailey Baldwin admitted that he was not a religious man. However, he explained in a lengthy Instagram share -- seen here -- that his belief was that many types of organized religions pointed out one's flaws and perpetuated discouragement.

This is why Justin has chosen a different spiritual path, one that allows him a more personal relationship with a higher power. It was the details of that journey that he shared with his fans.

Justin wrote that while he believed organized religion may lead some people to feel better than others because they go to a building to pray, he found his personal relationship with religion is stronger than attending services and connecting with others in a more organized manner.

Justin added that he puts his faith in a higher power and that is what has sustained him. The singer also wrote that he personally lives by faith and not by sight.

While Justin's beliefs are his own, he did stress to his followers that having these beliefs helped bring him "extraordinary peace" through the pains on what he called "this broken planet."

Along with the commentary, Justin added a photo of a road with an empty bus stop nearby. A sign was seen to the left of the stop. A gorgeous, clear blue sky dotted with full white clouds was visible behind the structure.

This is not the first time the performer and songwriter, who rose to fame in 2009 with the album My World and the hit song "Baby," has spoken openly about his spiritual leanings. He believes his faith has brought him many blessings, most importantly his wife, with whom he reunited in 2018 after an unsuccessful attempt at an earlier relationship.

The two met at a conference in Miami hosted by the pastor of Vous Church, who had officiated at the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Justin's message appears to have resonated with his followers.

"I appreciate this so much, thank you for being a great role model," wrote one fan.

"Yes, the whole world needs good news. Thank you for living for something that matters most," penned a second supporter.

"Preach it," exclaimed a third Instagram user of the singer's commentary.

"I love how you have become a different person now and a better version of yourself," remarked a fourth person.