January 19, 2021
'Unpolished' Spoilers: Bria's Wedding In Jeopardy As Martone Clan Juggles Finances After Big Mike's Death

TLC welcomed back the Martone clan for Season 2 of the reality show Unpolished, which returned to television on January 12. The family includes Lexi, sister Bria, mother Jennifer, grandmother Foxy, and, previously, dad Big Mike. The series chronicles their life as a close-knit Italian clan that owns a beauty establishment, Salon Martone, in East Northport, Long Island. Lexi is a cutting-edge nail artist, and Bria is a hair colorist and makeup artist.

The family members clearly have an affection for one another and are united over most everything except for Bria's fiancé, Matt Mancuso, whom Lexi does not like. The older of the two sisters, Lexi cannot forgive Matt for breaking her sister's heart several years prior and fathering twin sons with another woman during that time period. He also went to rehab for drug abuse.

The season opener revealed that beloved patriarch "Big Mike" Martone from Season 1 died of cancer in 2020. The clan, who relied on the family leader to fix any and all issues, felt the loss as plans for Bria's wedding moved forward. Jennifer attempted to keep the peace between her daughters, who felt differently about the cost of the event as they attempted to ensure the safety of their business moving forward.

In the second episode, "Where's the Money," which airs tonight, it's revealed that Bria's over-the-top plans for her nuptials will be put in jeopardy as Jennifer struggles to honor her late husband's wishes while juggling household finances.

Logo for Unpolished on TLC.

As the second season opened, the family dealt with effects of the pandemic. Their profitable business stalled as they shut down for several months in 2020. As they planned for a reopening, restrictions resulted in a new way of doing business. Big Mike's death, which shocked the family to its core, led to even more issues, as Jennifer -- who is the administrative lead at the salon -- took control of the finances but was at a loss on how to continue to maintain their lifestyle without her husband's guidance.

At the core of their problems was Bria's insistence on moving forward with her wedding as she and her mother planned an over-the-top bridal shower and ceremony.

In an interview with Newsday, Lexi said that while a lot of the chatter surrounding the show focuses on their wild outfits and Long Island stereotypes, she sees them in a different light.

"I don't really know what this whole Long Island stereotype is," Lexi said. "Because I think there's plenty of different stereotypes for Long Island women. … I don't know where everybody gets this 'typical Long Island woman' stereotype…. I just know I don't fit any stereotypes. I'm just weird. And I like it."