January 19, 2021
Joe Exotic Has Glam Squad & Limo Ready For Presidential Pardon

Joe Exotic fully expects to get a pardon from Donald Trump before he leaves office.

The 57-year-old Tiger King star is so sure he's getting a get-out-of-jail-free card, that his team has already secured a stretch limo and a glam squad for his return to public life.

In an interview with Metro, Eric Love -- the head honcho of Exotic's freedom campaign -- predicted that a celebration would be forthcoming for the Netflix star, who is currently serving 22 years in prison for his role in an alleged murder-for-hire plot against his rival, Carole Baskin.

"We have good reason to believe it will come through," Love said of a presidential pardon for the former zookeeper. "We're confident enough we already have a limousine parked about half a mile from the prison. We are really in action mode right now."

Love also told U.K. outlet The Sun that while Exotic's potential release from jail will be a "very private moment" without any reporters or cameras around, he still wants to get glammed up for the limo ride with his legal team.

"Joe is a colorful personality," Love explained. "If you look at someone when they've been incarcerated, they don't look like that when they're coming out. So Joe's got to have that platinum (service) done— hair, wardrobe, and makeup, and we've got the best in the business."

After the glam session, the group plans to take the controversial zookeeper out for steak, pizza, or maybe even a McDonald's McRib sandwich before whisking him off to a Texas ranch.

Love strongly believes that the pardon will occur if for no other reason than Trump wanting to take even more of the spotlight away from Joe Biden's inauguration. He's so sure of it that a thank you video for Trump has already been recorded and "queued up" to be sent to the White House.


Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, has long maintained his innocence in the scheme against Baskin, an animal rights activist who went on to compete on Dancing with the Stars last fall. His Instagram page has been filled with posts claiming there is new evidence to prove his innocence in the case. The #freejoeexotic hashtag has been churning ever since Tiger King soared to the top of Netflix's ratings last winter.

In April, Trump playfully discussed pardoning the Tiger King star when asked about it by a reporter during a press conference, as seen on YouTube.

While he admitted he has never seen the hit Netflix docuseries, Trump, a TV ratings fanatic, said he would "look into it" when asked about the possibility of Exotic's release.

Trump is reportedly gearing up to use his power to pardon over 100 people, and at this point, Exotic is still hopefully waiting for his name to be called.