Gabriella Abutbol Pulls Down Jeans To Expose Booty In Front Of Popcorn Machine

Emily Hutchinson

Gabriella Abutbol got cheeky in a new Instagram upload this week when she exposed her bare booty. In a series of three snaps posted on January 18, the social media model tugged at her jeans while down on her knees and seemingly going commando.

The first photo captured Gabriella as she flashed a big smile while she posed in profile. She knelt on the floor, with her legs under her, while going barefoot.

Gabriella put both thumbs inside her heavily distressed ripped blue jeans, pulling them down over her toned derrière, which was angled away from the lens. The influencer either ditched the underwear completely or pulled them down with her pants.

She rocked the jeans with a skimpy, skintight, white short-sleeved crop top which showcased her slim waist and a large tattoo on the left side of her torso. She wore her long, brunette hair in beachy waves over to the side, and it cascaded over her right shoulder. She accessorized with a gold bangle on her wrist.

Gabriella got down on white stone flooring in front of what appeared to be a red popcorn machine with two large wheels on one side.

In the second photo, the former Beach Slap contestant stayed in the same pose but lifted her head slightly while she gave the camera a sultry look. The third image was very similar as she continued to pull at her bottoms.

Plenty of her admirers answered her question, while others praised her flawless figure.

"Find Gabriella and marry her," one person teased.

"To have followed you sooner," a second user commented alongside four heart eye emoji.

"THE TINIEST WAIST OH DEAR GOD," another person wrote in all caps alongside the same emoji.

"Daaaamnn babe," a third fan commented with an overheated face.

More than 470 comments were left on the upload, which also amassed over 42,200 likes.

The upload came after Gabriella posed in tiny swim bottoms with clear plastic straps over her hips in two sizzling uploads shared on Instagram last week. She rocked the tiny orange number with a matching crop top as she flashed her deep tan outdoors.

"Happy [Fri]day — what's something good that happened to you this week?" she asked her 1.8 million followers in the caption.