January 18, 2021
Jessica Simpson Has Fans Doing A Double Take As She Posts Childhood Throwback With Her Mom

Jessica Simpson paid tribute to her mom Tina with a throwback shot that had fans doing a double take.

In a poignant Instagram post, the singer and fashion designer honored her mother's 61st birthday by sharing a vintage picture of herself as a baby as her mom held her. Little Jessica was wrapped in a long black robe for the flashback shot while her 20-something mama smiled widely at the camera as they posed in a wallpapered living room when living in Texas back in the day.

In the caption, Jessica, 40, posted a lengthy tribute to her mom in honor of her special day. The Open Book author described Tina as a true leader and the "hardest worker of all time." She also praised her mother for being "protective" and "resilient" and dubbed her "an entrepreneurial legend."

Jessica also credited Tina for being the brains behind her highly successful Jessica Simpson Collection fashion empire, which she noted is currently the top-selling celebrity brand.

Fans have long said Jessica's youngest daughter, Birdie Mae, is her mini-me, but her childhood photo from the early 1980s confirmed it.

In the comments section, followers zeroed in on how much Jessica's 1-year-old looks like her when she was a baby.

"Looks like she's holding Birdie!" one fan wrote of Tina.

"Wow from this pic you can see that Birdie looks just like you," another told the singer.

"Birdie is your clone," a third fan chimed in.

Others couldn't believe how much a young Tina looked like her younger child, Ashlee Simpson Ross, with several fans pointing out that she was "the spitting image" of her younger daughter and that it looked like Ashlee holding Birdie in the 40-year-old pic.

"Ashlee and Birdie should recreate this photo," one commenter suggested.

In addition to Jessica's heartfelt post, another family lookalike— the singer's 8-year-old daughter Maxi Drew -- sang "Happy Birthday" to her "Gigi" Tina in a sweet Instagram video, as seen here.

While the Simpson family resemblance is very apparent, Jessica and her mom even think alike. In an interview with CBS News, the mom-daughter duo revealed that they are both involved in every step of the design process for the fashion collection.

Jessica even said she would "never trust anybody" but her mother to help with this collection, and Tina shared that they have been in meetings and have said the exact same thing at the same time.