Mandy Rose Slays In Shiny Black Latex Bra Top & Leggings: 'Running Into The' Royal Rumble

Mandy Rose took to Instagram to show off her sexy physique while advertising her upcoming WWE Monday Night Raw appearance.

In the action shot, Mandy ran as virtual audience members watched from the sidelines on a screen above a padded half wall. The wrestler wore a shiny black latex bra top with spaghetti straps that showcased her ample cleavage and strong, muscular arms and shoulders. She paired it with matching high-waisted leggings that hugged her curvy backside and legs while leaving her toned, flat tummy bare, emphasizing her nipped-in waist. Black combat boots with laces and zippers completed the fierce ensemble.

Mandy's shoulder-length blond hair fanned out behind her because she was in motion. She held her full lips pursed and slightly open, appearing to be intently focused on her task. Her only accessory was a light-colored stock wrapped with white at both ends.

The wrestler's post got plenty of attention from her 2.7 million Instagram followers. At least 73,800 hit the like button to express their appreciation of Mandy's looks and actions on the WWE TV show. More than 530 also took a moment to compose a thoughtful reply, with the WWE's Nia Jax pointing out that a weapon like the one Mandy held wasn't allowed in the Royal Rumble she mentioned in her hashtags.

"Ummm, those are not allowed in the rumble, thank you very much," wrote Nia with an eye-rolling smiley. More than 100 fans replied. Some rejected Nia's claims, while others agreed the weapon would get Mandy thrown out of the contest quickly.

Despite Nia's reply, many of Mandy's followers praised her post and her look.

"Looking absolutely amazing beautiful sexy lady. I can't wait to see you on RAW," enthused one follower, along with a line of red lips.

"That's also what it looks like when you are running around in my mind all the time. I love those boots. Go kick some booty," a second fan gushed, including red heart-eye and heart-blushing emoji with their words.

"Wow! Your arm definition is absolutely stunning in this picture, Mandy! Your whole body is goals for days. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to watch you tonight," wrote a third user, adding hearts and flames to their message.

"You are so sexy. I love that suit on you," a fourth devotee declared, including a line of flames with their post.

This is hardly the first time Mandy has showed off her fit figure on social media. She recently showcased her round backside in a photo of herself wearing white panties and a flannel shirt as she reached to get a mug for coffee, The Inquisitr reported.