'Double Shot At Love' Star Derynn Paige Wears Tight Jeans & Crop Top For Best Friend Challenge

Double Shot at Love star Derynn Paige wore tight jeans and a high-waisted crop top alongside her best pal and co-star Brittani "B-Lashes" Schwartz for the TikTok best friend challenge.

In the clip, Derynn showed off her fine form alongside her bestie as they answered several pressing questions regarding their likes and dislikes by walking in the direction of one answer or the other.

Derynn wore dark-colored, high-waisted jeans that had tears at the knees. Her waist was cinched with a thick black belt that featured the Chanel logo. She paired the jeans with a bright orange, cropped sweater. The long-sleeved shirt had a zipper down the front and a silver pull attached to the tab, which was open to show off her breasts.

Derynn's dark tresses loosely framed her face. She parted them in the center and the waves fell down onto her shoulders and over her back.

B-Lashes donned a sultry outfit of leather pants, a strapless shirt, a dark jacket, and a coordinating black beanie, which she wore atop her long, straight, blond-highlighted locks. She added black combat boots to finish her look. She accessorized with several necklaces, one which was a cornicello, a twisted horn-shaped Italian charm that reportedly keeps bad luck at bay.

In the clip, several likes and dislikes appeared at the top. As the words were seen, the women walked in the direction of what they enjoyed.

For the single versus taken part of the clip, B-Lashes happily walked off to the single side while trying to push Derynn to the taken spot. When the women had to choose between going out and staying in, Brittani pulled her pal to the partying side of the equation.

Derynn dashed to the side of her attraction to strippers and Brittani went for guidos.

The raven-haired beauty was recently involved with Chippendales dancer Ricky Rogers during the second season of the MTV series that starred Jersey Shore personalities Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino.

In their final answers, Derynn walked straight to her preference to heading to the Jersey Shore while B-Lashes chose Las Vegas. When having to choose between Pauly and Vinny, both women sat straight down, indicating they not have a preference.

Fans loved the interaction between the pals.

"She said 'what time is it?' To determine whether or not she's single," penned one fan.

"There's my girl B-lashes hello," a second follower wrote.

"With you all the way except for Vegas..haha," remarked a third follower.

"Gotta have fun one way or another. Thanks for the laughs," a fourth fan chimed in.