'The Masked Singer UK' Spoilers: Fans Believe Bush Baby Could Be Stephen Mulhern

Fabio Magnocavallo

Another episode of The Masked Singer aired on ITV over the weekend, meaning another celebrity was unmasked. Bush Baby currently remains in the competition and appears to be hard to figure out. However, some viewers are confident they know who they are.

For their debut performance, they sang Tom Jones' "Delilah" and received a standing ovation from the studio audience. However, it is not clear whether Bush Baby is a professional singer or not. The panel — Mo Gilligan, Davina McCall, Rita Ora, and Jonathan Ross — were impressed with what they heard but weren't certain they knew who was underneath the costume, guessing a series of names that included Peter Andre, Jamie Oliver, Joe Swash, and Matt Lucas.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, their first clue package stated they are "a nocturnal creature" who can be found "up and about" at night time. Bush Baby was seen wearing a fez and pulling a potato out of their magic hat. They revealed The Masked Singer isn't their first competition and spoke with a thick Australian accent.

Bush Baby's most recent clue package featured a couple of ABBA song references -- "Thank You for the Music" and "The Winner Takes it All" -- and a sword. They continued to speak in an Australian accent and kept hinting they are a magician. Bush Baby played the drums in part of the VT and admitted they are good at doing accents.

The panelists believe Bush Baby isn't Australian and is changing their voice to confuse everybody. This week, they guessed Daniel Day-Lewis, Josh Widdicombe, John Thomson, as well as Matt Lucas and Jamie Oliver again.

Fans on social media don't agree with their choices and appear confident that Bush Baby is British TV presenter Stephen Mulhern.

"ok my day one guess for bush baby was Stephen mulhern and we are 100% sticking with it," one user tweeted.

"I can't get Stephen Mulhern out of my head for Bush Baby," another person shared in a tweet.

"May be a bit left field, but I think Bush Baby could be Stephen Mulhern!" remarked a third account on Twitter.

"Stephen Mulhern is bush baby on #TheMaskedSingerUK Just putting it out there," a fourth user tweeted.

Mulhern continues to be a popular guess among viewers and it is understandable as to why.

The 43-year-old has presented a series of magic shows -- The Quick Trick Show, Tricky TV, and You Can Do Magic -- and is known for doing impressions. According to IMDb, he appeared as Robbie Williams in Stars in Their Eyes. Bush Baby's clue packages have so far taken place in a jungle-type setting. Mulhern also used to narrate the comedic Animals Do the Funniest Things show.