Justin Timberlake Reveals Adorable Name Of 'Awesome' Second Son With Jessica Biel On 'Ellen Show'

Lucille Barilla

Justin Timberlake gave double the good news in a virtual interview that will air today on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. The singer and actor confirmed that not only had he welcomed a second son with actress wife Jessica Biel several months earlier but also revealed the baby's adorable moniker.

Justin shared that the little boy's name is Phineas, and he joins the couple's 5-year-old son, Silas, to make them a family of four.

In a clip Ellen posted to Twitter, she teased fans with part of their chat. The talk show host confirmed that Justin was a father again, as the split-screen showed them in side-by-side fashion.

Ellen then said that prior to their chat, she had thought back to when she first learned the couple would be adding to their brood. She said the two were FaceTiming.

"Hey, you want to know a secret?" the singer asked.

Ellen relayed that Jessica walked in and he put his hand on her stomach and told her that they were having another baby. Justin told his longtime pal that she was one of the first people outside of the immediate family that they told.

"His name is Phineas and he's awesome," he said.

He said his son was "so cute" and that nobody's sleeping in their home. He added that they are very thrilled and could not be happier and more grateful.

Ellen asked her pal how it was parenting two children compared to one. In response, Justin joked that he and Jessica didn't see each other anymore. He used a football explanation to illustrate what the duo had been going through and said it had gone from a zone defense to man-to-man really quickly.

As for Silas, Justin shared that the little boy likes being a big brother since the baby can't walk yet or chase him down.

Fans of the couple were thrilled and shared their congratulatory remarks in the comments section of the Twitter post.

"Congrats to baby #2 JT! Phineas sounds like a nice name. Can't wait to watch this full interview this Monday," tweeted one fan.

"The name reminds me of royalty. Very Shakespearean," chimed in a second Twitter user.

"Congrats Justin and Jessica. Babies are such a special gift from God," tweeted a third follower.

"Awwwww MASSIVE MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to the beautiful family. God bless the lil one and all of u with all the love and happiness always," tweeted a fourth fan.