January 18, 2021
Katya Elise Henry Brandishes Buxom Booty In Close-Up Thong Shot

Fitness model/influencer Katya Elise Henry has recommitted herself to her physical well-being in 2021 while continuing to embrace her unique thickness. On Sunday, the shapely 26-year-old showed once again how the combination of curves and a high-intensity workout routine can make for some downright stunning visuals.

With her latest photo offering, Henry provided her 8 million followers on Instagram with a sizzling, rear-side view of her buxom booty. In the sexy snapshot, she was shown wearing an ultra-revealing thong from her Kiss My Peach swimwear line, as well as a long-sleeved top that clung tightly to her arms and torso.

In the accompanying caption, Henry hyped her upcoming "8 week thicc challenge," explaining that the Workouts By Katya program will be for the entire body while maintaining a focus on participants' glutes and legs. She also invited her army admirers to join the "thousands of WBK girls" who have already opted into the challenge.

Meanwhile, legions of fans were swooning over the uploaded picture in short order, double-tapping it to the tune of over 150,000 likes in just a few hours. Moreover, the comments section was inundated with 1,000-plus replies praising her peachy posterior and sculpted physique.

"No wonder [Tyler] Herro has been on [fire emoji] lately in his bball games," wrote one admirer, referencing Henry's NBA sharpshooter boyfriend.

"You really love yo booty," added a second supporter. "And I loves it too @katyaelisehenry."

"Like two peaches in a crystal bowl," appraised a third follower.

"You are truly blessed [heart eye emoji]," opined a fourth fan of her bodacious body.

Henry looked to be crouching on her bathroom floor in the photo with her back turned to the camera. And while her ample assets were clearly the focal point of the presentation, her striking visage was also on full display as she had turned her head to her right to peer back over her shoulder.

As she stared into the device's lens, she sported a smoldering expression with her plump, magenta-hued lips pursing and her dark eyes projecting sheer sex appeal and supreme confidence. Her scintillating, raven-colored locks blanketed her spine as she posed; their curled ends extended all the way down to the small of her back. Beneath them, her black top fit snugly to her upper torso.

The lower edge of the frame was dominated by her plus-sized derrière, which was bare save for her thong.

As shared previously by The Inquisitr, Henry had already raised temperatures on her timeline with a sultry snap that showed her strutting her stuff in an orange bikini top and booty shorts.