Tarsha Whitmore Flaunts Incredible Curves In A Plunging Dress

Alisan Duran

Tarsha Whitmore took to her Instagram page on Sunday to tease her 879,000 followers with a sultry new update. The Filipino-Australian model posted two sizzling pictures of herself showcasing her assets in a plunging dress.

Tarsha was snapped at a restaurant dressed in her scanty outfit. In the first photo, she could be seen sitting on a tall chair with her eyes squinting as she smiled, her pearly whites showing. The babe held her drink, which was placed on the table in front of her.

A swipe to the right showed Tarsha in a different stance. That time, she sat on another chair with her body slightly angled to the side. She bent her right knee while straightening her left. She let her arms hang at her side, but one hand held onto the fabric. The hottie glanced at the lens with a sultry gaze.

The clothing had a straight cut and was loose toward the bottom, with a hem length that reached her lower legs. The slit feature showed plenty of skin, accentuating her lean thigh. The neon-colored attire made her bronze tan pop.

Tarsha wore her highlighted blond hair down in soft wavy curls that framed her face. She let the long strands cascade over her shoulders, the ends grazing her bust and waist. For the occasion, she opted to accessorize with a pair of oversized hoop earrings and several rings.

In the caption, the influencer shared something about her mood when the picture was taken with her fans. She gave credit to her hairstylist by tagging her Instagram page. According to the geotag, Tarsha was somewhere on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

After only a few hours, the share has received more than 13,000 likes and upward of 105 comments. Tarsha's followers, including fellow influencers, dived into the comments section to drop compliments and praise. Many of her admirers told her she looked hot, while several others wrote of their admiration for her beauty. Countless fans were left speechless and opted to use a trail of emoji to express themselves instead.

"Not only are gorgeous, but you are also the cutest!" a fan wrote.

"There's the queen," chimed in another follower.

"You look amazing, as always. So hot!" a third admirer added.