Abby Dowse Looks Smoking Hot In Booty-Baring Thong & Long Socks While Lounging In Bed

Abby Dowse was in an idle Sunday mood this morning, judging by her latest Instagram share. The blond bombshell uploaded a photo in which she was lounging in bed while rocking a casual, yet revealing outfit. She sprawled on her tummy and bent her elbows, holding up her head in her palms as she seemingly stared absentmindedly out the window. Sunlight illuminated her face, giving fans a peek at her freckles.

Her torpid mood struck a chord with one of her followers, who took to the comments section of the post to quip about Abby’s languid pose.

“That’s what I do with my time waiting for your posts, just staring out the window,” they wrote, followed by a LOL emoji. “Sunkissed and those freckles so damn gorgeous.”

“You shine brighter than the sun,” a second Instagrammer complimented her radiant look, adding a heart-eyes and sunshine emoji. “So damn fine it’s actually unbelievable.”

The Aussie model showed some serious skin, exposing her midriff in a cropped pink tee. She spotlighted her toned posterior by going pantsless in favor of a skimpy white thong and finished off the ensemble with long pink socks.

The stunner crossed her legs in the air, dangling them above her perky backside and showing off the heart print decorating her stockings. The item’s pastel tone stood out against the backdrop of bright white bedsheets, which also made her bronzed booty pop. Her face and arms were closest to the camera, allowing fans to observe the dainty bracelets that sparkled on her forearms.

Abby fanned her fingers over her cheeks, displaying her chic white manicure. Her golden tresses spilled over her forehead, tumbling down her shoulders and back in rebellious, unkempt curls. Her artfully messy bedhead added to her sultry look, as did her slightly pursed lips.

The model’s tousled mane led one fan to compare her to a lioness in the comments.

“Looking like a lioness Abby happy Sunday you always look amazing,” their message read.

“You are absolutely miraculous…,” another smitten fan chimed in, offering the hottie a rose via emoji.

The upload received a lot of attention from Abby’s enamored admirers, racking up close to 15,000 likes and 330-plus comments in the first two hours of going live.

The photo was geotagged at Mermaid Beach, Queensland, Australia, where Abby has been shooting some seriously sultry content. Earlier this week, the smokeshow shared a sizzling beachside photo taken at the same location, where she sunbathed topless while wearing a barely there bikini bottom. That upload has amassed over 42,000 likes and about 830 messages to date.