January 17, 2021
Hope Beel Flaunts Major Sideboob In Racy Ensemble That Leaves Fans Wanting More

Hope Beel took to Instagram on Saturday afternoon with a stunning five-photo update that thrilled her 1.6 million followers. The curvaceous fitness model showcased a tantalizing look that drew focus to her most impressive assets, and she paired the snaps with a sassy caption that teased she didn't want any pictures taken.

Hope's array of spot-on poses and seductive demeanor indicated otherwise, however, and over 14,500 fans agreed by double-tapping their screens in less than a day after the post was uploaded.

She wore a wildly sexy outfit that featured a pair of skintight, cheetah-print pants and a barely there top that exposed a massive amount of her voluptuous breasts. The tapered, ankle-length pants had all of the details one would see on a pair of jeans, but it was difficult to discern with what material they were constructed. They hugged her enviable backside and drew attention to the shapeliness of her muscular thighs and calves.

The top was a tiny, rectangular panel of lightweight black fabric that was held precariously against her bust with a few strategically placed strings. Two of them formed small loops through which Hope placed her arms, allowing them to encircle her shoulders, thus creating the primary basis for keeping her bits Instagram-safe. One last string attached on either side of the skimpy scrap of fabric, just below her breasts, and encircled her rib cage. The view from the back almost gave the illusion that she wasn't wearing anything at all on her upper half.

She credited the brand Dolls Kill for her ensemble.

Hope added some sparkle to the mix with a few choice accessories. A shiny silver belt matched the reflective accents in her black leather ankle boots, which featured pointed toes and wedge heels embellished with what appeared to be clear strips of acrylic.

She also carried a petite Chanel handbag with a deep gold-colored clasp and matching linked chain handle. The shape echoed that of the racy garment that covered her chest, and the purse was only slightly smaller. Her long, layered tresses were styled in loose curls that cascaded nearly to her waist.

Hope posed for the photo series in the long, dimly lit hallway of what was seemingly a hotel or apartment building. The low pile carpet was patterned with neutral shades of black and gray, and circular glass sconces along the walls were paired with recessed lighting in the ceiling.

A white door at the end of the hall was identified as an exit by a green neon sign that was placed above.