Yaslen Clemente

Yaslen Clemente Demonstrates Tantalizing Flexibility In Booty-Accentuating Leggings

Shawna Cory - Author

Jan. 17 2021, Updated 11:46 a.m. ET

Personal trainer and social media celebrity Yaslen Clemente showed off an impressive skill in an Instagram update on Saturday afternoon, dropping the jaws of her 2.5 million followers. She rocked a revealing athletic ensemble with a tight fit that left very little to the imagination, and she explained to fans in the caption that one of her New Year’s fitness resolutions was to focus on her stretching.

Judging by her flexibility in the two snaps, it appeared that she had already reached near-perfection in that area and would only need to maintain the level at which she is currently.

Yaslen was photographed on the black tile floor of a gym with both legs extended straight out to her sides in a full center split. Her knees were locked and she pointed her toes up toward the ceiling.

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In the first photo, she sat with her spine straight and her torso nearly vertical, holding her body up by engaging the muscles in her toned midsection and upper back. She also locked her arms and placed her palms flat on the ground in front of her to maintain posture.

She turned her head to one side to display her striking facial features in profile, and her hair was parted neatly off-center and styled in smooth, even curls that lay between her chiseled shoulders.

Yaslen wore a minuscule sports bra with a skimpy T-back and a pair of leggings that were designed to draw attention to her killer rear end. The garment was very high-waisted, with a wide band that dipped into a distinct V and transitioned to a thick seam that ran down the center of her derriere. Both details individually emphasized the tempting curve of each cheek.

The entrepreneurial model credited her athletic brand, Oh Yas Fit, which she owns in addition to a swimwear line.

The leggings featured a marbled fabric in white and pale pink, and the brand name was printed in light gray lettering on the outside of her left leg, near her ankle.

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In the subsequent image, Yaslen amplified the stretch by leaning all the way forward and resting the front of her body against the ground. Her arms reached out past the top of her head, and her pert bust, as well as her belly, appeared to make full contact with the floor.

Yaslen’s Instagram supporters couldn’t wait to praise her dedication and appearance in the comments section.

“Wow so flexible,” one fan remarked, adding a series of star emoji for emphasis.

“Ooo I’m all about these leggings,” a second fan declared.


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