Niece Waidhofer Slays Fans While Wearing Sheer, Gold Lingerie In Bed & Surrounded By 'The Snack That Smiles Back'

Niece Waidhofer's 2.7 million Instagram followers have come to expect nothing less than a combination of tantalizing beauty and a saucy sense of humor from her frequent shares, and they were definitely not disappointed by her latest post. The buxom brunette model flaunted her amazing curves while posing in bed surrounded by a mouthwatering snack, piquing the interest of over 53,500 fans who hit the like button in the first few hours after the snap was uploaded — including fellow spitfire influencer Gabriella Abutbol.

Niece lay back on a white sheet and was photographed from above, giving an expansive view of her curvaceous figure all the way down to her knees. She wore a gorgeous and extremely revealing lingerie set featuring a light yellow-gold shade that beautifully complemented her pale, flawless complexion. The demi-cups of the underwire bra were formed partially from sheer fabric that exactly matched the shade of her skin, interspersed by two evenly-spaced vertical strips of boning that formed to the roundness of her breasts. An intricate floral lace with scalloped edging comprised the upper half of the cups, covering her more intimate bits.

The matching panties had double straps that ran just above the swell of her hips, which were emphasized by the tantalizing flesh of her thick backside in her supine pose. The skimpy garment also had the same lacy detailing across a small section of the front.

Niece also wore gold-topped stockings pulled up over her knees at asymmetrical heights. The left was considerably lower than the right, which reached mid-way up the upper portion of her leg. She accessorized with a shiny satin ribbon the exact shade of her lingerie tied in a bow around her neck, and her deep chestnut curls were spread out in long tendrils around her stunning visage.

Niece geotagged her location as being surrounded by a fragrant flower and made a joke in the caption about not being able to clearly understand certain song lyrics — both of which alluded to her unusual prop. Instead of roses, she was surrounded by a generous sprinkling of cheddar goldfish crackers.

Niece's Instagram fans loved the post, and an array of compliments and suggestive comments hit the comments section.

"Something something flavor blasted. There's a joke somewhere but I've been drinking," one fan remarked.

"XXXtra cheddar ONLY in this house. Come back from the store with original and you'll be sleeping with the fishes," Niece replied, using a clever double-entendre.