January 18, 2021
Pamela Anderson, 53, Flaunts Her Long Legs In Short Negligee

Pamela Anderson slayed in an exquisite lingerie look for her latest photo op in a domestic setting. The blond Baywatch beauty posted the alluring image on her Twitter page, where it received a lot of love from her online admirers.

Pamela, 53, gave the artistic photo a vintage vibe by having it shot in black and white. She was pictured posing inside a luxurious residence with ivory walls decorated with crown molding and floor-to-ceiling wainscoting. The panels added some texture to her pic's stark white backdrop.

The Playboy model posed with her left elbow propped on the counter of a built-in hutch. The fixture featured a recessed mirror above the counter and an upper cabinet with glass panes on the doors. The lower part of the unit included a few drawers and an additional cabinet with solid wood doors.

Some potted ferns sat on top of the counter, and Pamela appeared to be gazing at them as she leaned forward. She twisted her torso to keep her long legs facing the camera. Her stems looked shiny, sun-kissed, and silky smooth. She crossed them at the knees, which accentuated the swells of her curvy hips.

The Barb Wire star rocked a tiny negligee that barely covered her derrière as she provocatively arched her back and jutted her left hip out. The bottom half of the light-colored garment was crafted out of satin, while the bust was formed from stretchy lace. The latter clung to Pamela's famously buxom chest. She completed her outfit with a pair of sky-high heels that included lace-up details over her open toes.

Her platinum blond hair was arranged in soft waves, and her thick bangs were brushed to the side. Her unsmiling lips and piercing stare made her overall facial expression appear intense and sultry.

Pamela used her pic to direct her 1 million followers to her Instagram account, where she often shares similar content. As reported by The Inquisitr, she was shown rocking a lace bra and panties set while bending over and squatting down in front of an oven in a monochromatic video shared on her IG.

Pamela's Twitter photo has racked up over 1,000 likes so far. Her followers also replied to it with an outpouring of approval and praise, with a few of them commenting on her ageless beauty.

"You keep looking better with age!" read one tweet.

"My God you are gorgeous!" another Twitter user wrote.

"I love this picture, Mrs. Anderson! Sooo artistic!" tweeted a third fan.