January 16, 2021
Veronica Bielik Enjoys A Drink By The Pool In A Cheeky Monokini

Polish beauty Veronica Bielik is well-known for documenting and sharing her adventures in a myriad of exotic locales (and exotic outfits, too). On Saturday, the model and influencer continued to do so by posting a multi-pic slideshow that was snapped at Abu Dhabi's stunning Saadiyat Beach.

In the post, Bielik was captured sitting poolside with a drink in hand while sporting a cheeky monokini. The sexy ensemble excelled in accentuating her sinuous figure while putting her cute, contoured assets on display for the enjoyment of her 3 million followers.

The 27-year-old captioned her share by stating that she had been daydreaming. Meanwhile, multitudes of her fans were seemingly inspired to do some daydreaming of their own upon catching sight of her incredibly pert physique.

In just a matter of hours after going live, Bielik's post had racked up more than 120,000 likes. Additionally, more than 1,200 replies, the majority of which came in the form of virtual catcalls, were left in the comments section.

"Beautiful like a fairy princess," opined one smitten supporter.

"Absolutely breathtaking," gushed another admirer.

"Such a beautiful woman. Every man's dream. [fire emjoi]"
"Words can't describe how beautiful these pics are [multiple emoji]," wrote a third commenter.

"Stunning," deadpanned a fourth follower.

"I could hang your picture on my wall and call it a work of art."
Bielik was snapped from behind in the opening slide in a medium-wide shot that showed her sitting on a cushioned seat beside a large pool. Her head was turned, which allowed her to peer into the camera from over her shoulder, and her feet dangled over the edge of her perch. In the background, palm trees and blue skies filled the frame along with the scintillating water.

The Lower Silesia native's golden-brown hair extended from a middle part and wavily blanketed her back and arms in the photo. Meanwhile, her lips were parted as she flashed a toothy smile. At the bottom of the frame, her peachy posterior was divided by her thong monokini, which was black and comprised of wide straps over her shoulders and along her sides.

She completed the presentation by wielding a large margarita glass filled with golden-colored liquid.

Bielik continued to hold her drink in the second slide. However, she had turned her body to face the device that documented her. With her legs spread slightly and her knees bent back beneath her, she flashed an even wider grin as she sat while bracing the weight of her upper body with her free hand. In the meantime, her monokini was largely open down the middle, which allowed for a clear view of her impressive cleavage.

As for the final slide, Bielik joined by a few of her friends and the group embraced as an impressive sunset tinted the sky behind them.

Less than 24 hours earlier, the model brought the sizzle in a floral bikini set that also accentuated her killer figure.