January 16, 2021
Kelsie Jean Smeby Displays Her Derriere In Black Ruched Thong

Kelsie Jean Smeby went into full bombshell mode as she showed off her buxom body in an attention-grabbing outfit on Instagram to kick off the weekend.

In the steamy snaps, Kelsie looked hotter than ever as she opted for a barely there black ruched thong bikini. The top featured a low-cut neckline that spotlighted her ample cleavage. It also included slim straps that highlighted her muscled arms and shoulders.

The matching thong bottoms were cut high over her narrow hips and fit firmly around her petite waist as they exposed her toned thighs and perfect derriere in the process. The swimwear also boasted straps up the midsection and a garter belt, which helped to pull focus to her flat tummy and rock-hard abs.

Kelsie looked to jazz up the skimpy style with rings on her fingers. She also rocked a pair of gold hoop earrings. In the first photo, she stood in front of a door with her hip pushed out and her thumb looped through the bottom of her bathing suit. Her back was arched and her fingers grazed over her lips as she gave a deep stare into the camera.

The second shot featured Kelsie posing with her round booty facing the camera. She pushed her posterior out as she placed a hand on the door in front of her and looked over her shoulder with a seductive expression on her face. Behind her, a stunning ocean and a cloudy sky could be seen reflected in the glass door.

Her long, dark hair was parted to the side. The locks were styled in loose strands that hung down her back and lightly brushed over her shoulders.

Kelsie's 787,000-plus followers made quick work of showing their love for the post. The photos garnered more than 4,200 likes in less than an hour after they went live on the platform. Her admirers also left over 100 comments during that time.

"Good mornig [sic] doll. You are a priceless diamond, the air, the sea, and even space they look small before your majestic beauty. You look mega sexy," one follower stated.

"I hope that the most beautiful woman ever have a great morning," remarked another.

"Nice pretty," a third user wrote.

"Yummy Sunshine Pic!!" a fourth person commented.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kelsie recently piqued the interest of her followers when she opted for a small white crop top and a minuscule red miniskirt. That post was also popular among her fans. It's reeled in more than 16,000 likes and over 290 comments thus far.