January 18, 2021
Amanda Cerny Shows Off Blue Hair & Bedazzled Cleavage In A Plush Robe As She Transforms Into 'Mermanda'

Amanda Cerny shared an eye-popping new photo to her Instagram page this week that has her 25.2 million followers talking for more reasons than one.

Taking to her account on Thursday, January 14, the social media star sent temperatures soaring as she revealed her transformation into Mermanda, a mermaid-inspired personality that longtime fans of the vlogger will recognize from a YouTube video she shared in November 2019. The character underwent a makeover for her return to the human world in 2021, and, judging by the reaction of Amanda's followers, they seem to be loving the change.

The 29-year-old sent temperatures soaring as she showcased the updated Mermanda in the bathroom, where she sat on the edge of a porcelain bathtub while gazing at the camera in front of her with a sultry stare and parted lips. She rocked gorgeous blue hair -- likely the result of editing on the photo rather than a permanent color job -- that appeared slightly damp and slicked back to her head. She also placed several stick-on rhinestones on her forehead and around her piercing hazel eyes.

Amanda also sported a plush white robe as she channeled the straw-hating sea creature -- a more modest look, as Mermanda was originally introduced completely nude while sprawled out on the shore of a beach. The fluffy number featured oversized sleeves, one of which scrunched up around her elbow to tease a peek at her arm.

She gathered its panels loosely around her midsection, creating a deep v-neckline that plunged far past her voluptuous chest. An eyeful of her ample cleavage was exposed as a result, as well as a peek at her taut midsection. She added more of the sparkling jewels over her bosom to avoid violating any of Instagram's no-nudity guidelines, drawing even more attention to the busty display.

Fans seemed thrilled by the return of Amanda's mermaid alter-ego, awarding the sizzling snap more than 1 million likes since it went live to her feed. Thousands flocked to the comments section as well to shower the influencer with love.

"When prettiness mixes with creativity, this is lit," one person wrote.

"Love your work," praised another fan.

"You are so wonderful. A real princess. I love you so much," a third follower gushed.

"Ariel better watch out," teased a fourth admirer, referencing the main character from The Little Mermaid.

Amanda seems to have been loving flashy ensembles as of late. In another recent post, the brunette bombshell sent temperatures soaring as she showcased her phenomenal physique in a slinky chainmail top and glitzy bikini bottoms. That look proved to be another hit, racking up 1.6 million likes and 6,617 comments to date.