January 16, 2021
Laura Amy Rocks A "Rare" Look That Showcases Her Curvaceous Backside

Laura Amy delighted her 887,000 Instagram followers on Friday, January 15, with a stunning outfit that she deemed in the caption as rather unusual for her general proclivities. The Australian model wore a tiny, backless mini dress that featured an array of bright colors, which is a departure from the less vivid attire she often wears.

Laura credited the clothing brand Fashion Nova for the dress, which clung enticingly to her voluptuous figure. It featured wide, ruched detailing on either side that accentuated the tight fit. The panels of gathered fabric were embellished at the bottom with long strings tied in bows that grazed the outsides of her thick thighs.

The back of the dress was completely bare across her shoulders and all the way down to her waist, with the exception of a pair of matching strings attached to the shoulder seams that fastened together at the nape of her neck. This attractive decoration also presumably kept the front of her garment properly situated, which may have otherwise been shifted by the weight of the long sleeves.

The stretchy material was designed with a bold, horizontal pattern with a mottled texture in vibrant, varied shades of red and blue that vaguely resembled wide stripes of watercolor.

Laura accessorized with a seafoam-colored leather purse slung over her shoulder and big hoop earrings. Her hair was twisted into a huge bun at the crown of her head.

Laura's Instagram supporters loved the share and flooded the comments section to express their feelings. Fellow Australian model Abby Dowse left a sweet compliment, to which Laura responded.

"You're legit perfection," one fan declared.

"Always blessing my feed babe!!!!" another person exclaimed.

"All of these colours - big vibe," a third follower praised.

"Wow so gorgeous outfit absolutely gorgeous looking hot mamacita bebe," a fourth fan gushed.

In addition to the ever-popular heart-eyes and flame emoji, this particular post also understandably received several series of multi-colored hearts as tribute to Laura's caption and tempting look.

Last week, The Inquisitr covered a post in which Laura had a lot less fabric covering her killer physique. She wore a pale pink tie-dye bikini with tantalizing details that drew the viewer's eye all across her body. The skimpy top showed off an incredible amount of underboob, and the bottoms were embellished with a narrow strap across her toned abdominal area. Her incredibly long tresses were styled straight and spilled all the way down her back.

To date, almost 10,000 fans have double-tapped their screens to signify their positive feelings about the share.