Celeste Bright Displays Cleavage While Posing On Her Knees With A Bunch Of Balloons

Celeste Bright opted for a provocative pose in her most recent Instagram update on Friday night, dropping the jaws of her 737,000 followers. The gorgeous model dressed in a revealing outfit that drew focus to her most impressive assets, and she stuck to a vivid, monochromatic color scheme that beautifully complemented her platinum hair and bronzed complexion. Over 2,400 supporters hit the like button in the first hour after the post was uploaded.

Celeste embellished the background with a collection of festive balloons that matched the shades of her lips and her shirt. She wore a bright pink cropped tank top that exposed an ample amount of her rounded cleavage. Two halves of the garment were connected in the center of her taut midsection with a large, metal ring.

She paired the top with very high-waisted black denim pants and black boots.

Celeste's Instagram supporters were thrilled to hit the comments section with praise for the sultry blonde's appearance and confident attitude. Fellow social media influencer Alexa Dellanos greeted her with a sweet term of endearment. Most of her other fans expressed their adoration by using combinations of affectionate emoji, including the ever-popular flames, hearts, and heart-eyes symbols. Presumably due to the overall color scheme in the post, the pink heart seemed to appear more frequently than any other color.

"You're so beautiful!" one fan exclaimed, emphasizing their words with kissing and smiling-hearts faces.

"You're looking hot," a second person declared, using thumbs-up and okay hands to signify their approval.

"You look so lovely and stunning," a third fan complimented.

"PRETTY LITTLE IN PINK," a fourth person remarked, making a clever reference to the clothing brand Celeste repped, as well what seems to be the petite model's favorite shade.

Last week, The Inquisitr covered Celeste in a pair of snaps in which she lounged by a secluded swimming pool in Tulum, Mexico, while wearing a tiny fuchsia bikini with white floral detailing. She joked that she and her stunning friend were never leaving the tropical paradise, and fans could see why. The two ladies were well set up on a gigantic double-lounge next to the water, with a tray of delicious snacks and iced beverages for both.

In the first snap, Celeste lay back against the soft fabric with her arms and legs extended and her back in a dramatic arch. The positioning emphasized her hourglass shape and caused the alluring weight of her chest to nearly spill out of the side of her bikini top. The next photo showed Celeste sitting at the edge of the pool with a drink in her hand and legs partially submerged.