‘The Last Of Us’ Spoilers Show Up Online

The Last Of Us spoilers have landed online despite developers very best efforts to keep major plot points out of the public hands.

As is the case with most of these kinds of situations, it appears that a rabid fan base was simply too much for the company and keen eyes were able to spot major plot points buried in the code for the recently released demo.

We won’t post of those spoilers here, because quite frankly we don’t really want to read them ourselves. We also respect that the developers worked hard to make the game a surprise for those who want to be … surprised by what they find in the PS3 exlusive title.

The Last Of Us’ demo was packaged in with God of War: Ascension but didn’t actually get unlocked until very recently. What was supposed to be a neat little way to promote their game ended up backfiring.

At the heart of this is that there is a list of cut-scene names hidden in the programming of the demo. Those names are apparently quite illustrative of the ending of the game.

The names also apparently say what happens to certain key characters in the game. Somehow there are even descriptions of the type of weapons you can pick up.

If you are one of those who simply can’t live without knowing exactly what happened before you ever play the game you can certainly head over to 4Chan, GameFAQs and Reddit threads and check them out.

If you don’t want to get that information yet then tread very carefully should you see a thread with the game as the title.

The spore infested zombie game is due out on June 14 on the PS3 so if you feel yourself slipping realize that you don’t have long to wait until you can play through and find out all the details yourself.

Are you going to go hunting for The Last of Us spoilers online?