January 15, 2021
Holly Barker Gets Steamy In See-Through Black Bodysuit

Holly Barker let it all hang out in a steamy new Instagram snap this week. The stunning model showed off plenty of skin as she opted for a racy outfit while stepping in front of the camera.

In the sizzling shot, Holly looked hotter than ever as she sported a see-through black bodysuit. The garment boasted long sleeves that clung to her muscular biceps and shoulders. She also left the suit unzipped at the top to flaunt her massive cleavage.

The outfit wrapped tightly around her tiny waist, as the sheer material allowed fans to get a peek at her taut tummy and killer abs. It was also cut high over her curvaceous hips and showed just a hint of her thighs.

Holly stood in front of a bright, yellow background for the pic. She had her body turned to the side and her back arched. One of her hands rested at her midsection, while the other held up a credit card near her head. She pulled her shoulders back and pushed her chest out as she tilted her head and puckered her lips.

In the caption of the post, Holly promoted the card, giving her fans the details about the offer.

Her long, blond hair was pushed back away from her forehead. The locks were styled in sleek, straight strands that hung down her back.

Holly has amassed more than 975,000 followers on the social media site. Many of those fans shared their support for the post by clicking the like button more than 13,000 times in the two days after it went live on the platform. Her admirers also flocked to the comments section to leave over 320 remarks about the snap during that time.

"You're so Beautiful & Holly such a Stunner," one follower stated.

"All the stars in the sky are not as fascinating as those in your eyes," another gushed.

"Good morning my beautiful sunshine," a third user wrote.

"Wow. What a photo. You look hotter than ever in the pic. Ur a looker for sure," a fourth person commented.

The model doesn't seem to have any qualms when it comes to rocking revealing ensembles in her online pics. She's often seen sporting teeny tops, sexy lingerie, skimpy bathing suits, and more.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Holly recently piqued the attention of her followers when she posed in a daring red lingerie set with a bow in the front. That post has reeled in more than 12,000 likes and over 530 comments thus far.