WWE's Billie Kay Leaves Her Buttons Open & Flaunts Cleavage: 'Definitely Should Have Ironed This Shirt'

Billie Kay appeared to be in a hurry in the latest snap that she shared with her Instagram followers. The WWE superstar took to the image-sharing platform and shared a photo of her in some creased clothing, revealing that she wished she'd ironed it before she left the house. Her fans didn't seem to mind, however.

The photo depicted the Friday Night SmackDown star standing backstage in an arena, presumably to film this week's episode of the blue brand's weekly show. Kay stood in the middle of a corridor, smiling and twirling her silky jet-black hair, as she showed off her outfit.

The Australian bombshell wore a white shirt for the occasion, leaving a few buttons undone to reveal her necklace and an ample amount of cleavage. She topped off the outfit with some skintight leather pants that accentuated her slim legs, along with some silver heels that exposed most of her feet.

In the accompanying caption, Kay noted that the outfit choice probably wasn't the best idea. She may have been in the minority opinion, though.

Kay's fans responded positively to the upload, flocking to the comments section to share their enthusiasm and appreciation for the wrestler. The image also received thousands of likes within an hour of hitting the social media platform.

"You still rock it," wrote one Instagram user.

"Shirts like that can't be ironed! They get a wrinkled too fast," wrote WWE's Natalya via her own Instagram, seemingly to ease her friend's mind.

Another Instagrammer said Kay looked as "great and iiconic" as she always does. The misspelling of the latter adjective was also intentional, as Kay's old tag team with Peyton Royce was called The IIconics.

A few of Kay's admirers also said that they hope to see her on tonight's episode of the blue brand's weekly show. The Aussie bombshell has been entertaining wrestling aficionados on recent episodes, as she's been involved in a comedic storyline that's seen her trying to get another job.

Kay has also delighted her social media followers with other tantalizing pics in recent times. As The Inquisitr previously documented, she took to the aforementioned image-sharing platform earlier this week and treated her fans to a snap of her flashing her rock hard abs.

Kay sported a tight tank top and unzipped jeans at the time. The wrestler was also outdoors for the picture, standing in front of some huge gates that were surrounded by trees.