January 15, 2021
Dua Lipa Goes Braless And Shows Off Mile-Long Legs In Metal Miniskirt

Dua Lipa is showing off her long limbs in a sexy new social media share. The "New Rules" singer posted two new photos to her Instagram feed on January 15 where she flashed her mile-long legs in a dangerously short metallic skirt. The 25-year-old was having a great time with one of her pals who joined her in the photos, and the two sported wild outfits and flashy shoes.

In the first photo of the series, Dua posed with one arm stretched out towards the sky with her mouth open like she was yelling. She wore an oversized white button-down shirt which she left unbuttoned and tied mid-torso. Dua went braless in the pic, which was revealed by the deep plunge of the shirt. The singer also wore a metallic skirt which was made entirely of silver discs that were connected together. The garb was super short, just covering up her bum and leaving her long bronzed limbs exposed.

Dua paired the outfit with blue satin high heels which crisscrossed up her legs three times before being tied off. The pointy-toed shoes stood out, serving as the only bold color in the photos. She wore her brunette locks down and in loose waves for a casual look.

The length of Dua's legs was highlighted in the second photo, which was snapped from below. As she stood on a set of stairs with her friends, her stems looked like they went on for days.

In the caption of the photo, the "IDGAF" singer posted just the fish and eye emoji and nothing else. In under an hour, the sexy upload had brought in over one million likes and 3,000 comments. Dua's fans filled the comments section with compliments for the Londoner, as they noted her killer limbs.

"Omg who makes your lewk? Lovvvvvvve it," one fan asked.

"Let's talk about those pipes can we please?" another wrote.

"You are such a queen," a third follower said.

"My absolute favorite artist ever," a fourth fan added.

The comments section was also full of a plethora of emoji which included the heart-eyed smiley face and crown as fans called her their "queen."

Dua has been showing off her insane figure lately, most recently on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. The February issue featured her on the cover wearing a barely-there bodysuit and pastel color fishnet stockings. Dua flashed a little bit of cleavage in the issue, and a whole lot of skin as the bodysuit was just small pieces of fabric being held together by small clasps.